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How to Use Essential Oils with Fidget Spinners

How to Use Essential Oils with Fidget Spinners

Have you heard all the excitement about fidget spinners? We put together two of our favorite things and came up with something we’re really excited to share with you. Read on to see how we took the fidget spinner to the next level!

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We’re super excited to share our latest activity with you. If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you know how much we love incorporating essential oils into our crafts and activities. Today we’re sharing how we incorporated one of our new favorite essential oil blends with fidget spinners.

What You’ll Need

Fidget spinner (we researched extensively and ended up purchasing this one from amazon we and absolutely love it!)

Cotton balls

Essential oil (we’ve tried out many different brands and we love this brand for many reasons – quality of oil, customer service, selection, fast + free shipping)

What to Do

Begin by taking your cotton ball and tearing off a tiny bit to fit into one of the holes of your spinner.

Fidget spinner and essential oils by the art kit

Insert the cotton bit into one of the holes of your fidget spinner and press it in firmly to ensure it fits well.

Fidget spinner and essential oils by the art kit

Next, place a drop of oil onto the cotton in your fidget spinner. Now spin away and enjoy! We chose to use Plant Therapy’s A+ Attention essential oil but you could also use lavender or just about any other oil. Another aspect that we really love about Plant Therapy is that they have an entire line of kid-safe oils.

fidget spinner and essential oils from plant therapy an activity from the art kit

How did your fidget spinner turn out? Did you and the kids love it? We’d love to see you enjoying this activity! Share with us on social media #theartkit.

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