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Protected: Resource Library II

Resource Library II

Welcome to The Art Kit’s Resource Library II. We outgrew our main resource library so we will be posting all new freebies here! For all of our other free printables, please visit our Resource Library I, or scroll down below.

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To increase page loading speed, the printables have been divided across multiple pages; to view additional pages, scroll down to find the page numbers or search the directory below. You can also select “Ctrl + F” on this page and then type in the name of the printable you’d like. You can then click on the link to be taken to the direct page that the download is on.

To download a file, simply click on the text link to start the download.

If you are having any issues viewing the printables, please try a different browser or update your Adobe. 

If you experience any difficulties locating or accessing the printables, please see our FAQ page or contact us and let us know. We’re here to help!


Page 2: Would You Rather: Christmas

Page 3: Happy Winter Snowman Banner

Page 4: Thank You Card Variety Pack

Page 5: Color Your Own December Banner

Page 6: Snowy Village Winter Lined Paper

Page 7: Winter Writing Prompts Journal

Page 8: Christmas Unicorns Activity Pack

Page 9: Snowy Village Merry Christmas + Thank You Greeting Cards

Page 10: Christmas Match Game – Busy Book Page

Page 11: Hanukkah Match Game – Busy Book Page

Page 12: Jumbo Christmas Tree Paper Craft

Page 13: New Year Craft Page 2024

Page 14: Christmas Cat Activity Placemat

Page 15: Christmas Dog Activity Placemat

Page 16: Color Your Own Merry Christmas Banner

Page 17: Christmas Cat Greeting Cards: Thank You and Merry Christmas

Page 18: Winter Memory Match Game

Page 19: Llama Christmas Cards

Page 20: Pin the Acorn on the Turkey Game

Page 21: Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree Game

Page 22: Mini Christmas Sweater Coloring Pages

Page 23: Mini Kansas Coloring Pages

Page 24: Rainbow Fish Memory Match Game

Page 25: Hanukkah Memory Match Game

Page 26: Tooth Fairy Memory Match Game

Page 27: St. Patrick’s Day Memory Match Game

Page 28: Spring Memory Match Game

Page 29: Mermaid Memory Match Game

Page 30: Merry Christmas Activity Placemat

Page 31: Let’s Decorate a Princess: Activity Sheets

Page 32: Merry Christmas Greeting Cards

Page 33: Happy New Year Coloring Page Placemat

Page 34: Mini Arctic Animals Coloring Pages

Page 35: New Year Party Hats

Page 36: Happy New Year Banner

Page 37: 2024 New Year Coloring Page

Page 38: Dice Game: Pail

Page 39: Illinois Mini Coloring Pages

Page 40: Indiana Mini Coloring Pages

Page 41: Louisiana Mini Coloring Pages

Page 42: Iowa Mini Coloring Pages

Page 43: Mini Mermaid Coloring Pages

Page 44: Valentine’s Day Lunch Box Notes: Frogs

Page 45: Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Pack

Page 46: Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Cards

Page 47: Mini Maine Coloring Pages

Page 48: Mini Massachusetts Coloring Pages

Page 49: Mini Michigan Coloring Pages

Page 50: Mini Minnesota Coloring Pages

Page 51: Mini Mississippi Coloring Pages

Page 52: Mini Missouri Coloring Pages

Page 53: Bears Love Honey Activity Placemat

Page 54: USA Map Outline

Page 55: Lunch Box Notes: Unicorn

Page 56: Happy Valentine’s Day gift tags or mini cards: frogs

Page 57: Find the differences: Groundhog Day

Page 58: Groundhog Day Activity Pack

Page 59: Mini Montana Coloring Pages

Page 60: Mini Nebraska Coloring Pages

Page 61: Mini New Nevada Coloring Pages

Page 62: Mini New Hampshire Coloring Pages

Page 63: Mini New Jersey Coloring Pages

Page 64: Mini New Mexico Coloring Pages

Page 65: Mini New York Coloring Pages

Page 66: Ramadan Placemat

Page 67: Football Placemat

Page 68: Unicorn Happy Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

Page 69: North Carolina Mini Coloring Pages

Page 70: Polar Bear Activity Placemat

Page 71: Mini North Dakota Coloring Pages

Page 72: Alphabetical Order Worksheets

Page 73: Pi Day Activity Placemat

Page 74: Ohio Mini Coloring Pages

Page 75: Easter Egg Bingo

Page 76: Mini Oklahoma Coloring Pages

Page 77: Coming Soon

Page 78: Easter Greeting Cards: 12 Cute Animals

Page 79: Gardening Activity Pack

Page 80: Solar Eclipse Placemat

Page 81: Mini Spring Coloring Pages

Page 82: Earth Day Hat Craft

Page 83: Monet Bingo

Page 84: In the Garden Activity Placemat

Page 85: Mini Oregon Coloring Pages

Page 86: Mother’s Day Handprint Art

Page 87: Cinco de Mayo Mini Coloring Pages

Page 88: Mini Pennsylvania Mini Coloring Pages

Page 89: Congratulations Banner: Bear