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Homemade Mini Playdough Apple Pies {That Smell Ah-mazing!}

Homemade Mini Playdough Apple Pies {That Smell Ah-mazing!}

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If you love fall or apple pies or delicious smells, you will LOVE this homemade apple pie playdough recipe. It’s naturally scented with apple pie spice and smells so good you’ll want to serve it up alongside apple pie. To see all the fun, please continue reading below.

Apple pie playdough homemade by the art kit blog

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What You’ll Need

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Making the Apple Playdough

Begin by making two batches of our one-pot playdough. This is our tried and true recipe that is super easy to make. Or, make our no-cook playdough using a stand mixer – SO EASY!!

Be sure to add in 1 teaspoon of apple piece spice per batch of playdough when adding your other ingredients. After you’ve made your playdough, allow it to cool a few minutes and then carefully plop it onto a sheet of parchment paper.

apple pie playdough recipe play dough natural scented
apple pie playdough recipe play dough natural scented
How to make playdough - sharing the family recipe for playdough at @theartkit

After you’ve made your mini playdough apple pies, you may want to check out this Apple Pie Paper Plate Craft from a fellow blogger.

Once your playdough has cooled enough to handle, take about 1/3 of the playdough and simply make a bit of an indentation in the middle, add some red food coloring, and fold your playdough over and over until the coloring has been incorporated.

We typically wear disposable gloves while coloring playdough, just to keep our hands from coming out rainbow colored, but if you don’t have any on hand, you could always place the playdough (along with the food coloring that you’ve just added) on a piece of plastic wrap and use the plastic wrap as a sort of shield while you fold the food coloring into the playdough.

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The rest of the playdough will be the crust and can be left as is – with no food coloring added. Once the playdough has all been prepared, set it out for your children, along with the playdough tools and accessories, and invite your children to play.

apple pie playdough recipe play dough natural scented

You could shape the red section of dough into a ball to resemble an apple, slice it into sections, and place into the pie dish, on top of the “pie shell.”

You could also roll small pieces of dough into balls and place them in the “pie shell.”

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Roll out 1/3 of the natural, no-colored dough, cut it into strips (this is the best tool!!), and place them on top of the pie into a woven pattern.

You could also decorate the top of your playdough apple pie with small gems or shapes cut out from mini cookie cutters.

apple pie playdough recipe play dough natural scented
apple pie playdough recipe play dough natural scented

Enjoy your pie! Dish up a few slices, pair with a side of “tea,” and enjoy this imaginative time with your child.

We had so much fun making mini apple pies. The smell of the apple pie spice in the play dough was simply divine and we know you will love this homemade play dough recipe as much as we did!!

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