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Frequently Asked Questions

Email Questions

After you sign up for The Art Kit’s newsletter, you must confirm your request. You will receive an email requesting you confirm your subscription to the newsletter. After you do so, you will receive a welcome email with the password.

If you don’t see the email, please check your spam folder.

If you still don’t see the email, please send us a message via our contact form here.

Please don’t mark our emails as spam; doing so will automatically add you to our block list and our email provider won’t allow you to sign up again.

Do I have to sign up for the newsletter each time I want to download a new printable? No, once you are a subscriber (unless you unsubscribe), you do not need to sign up again.

Resource Library/Password Questions

Is it free to join the resource library? Yes, it is free to join the resource library.

I enter the password but it just keeps refreshing the page. Now what? If the page refreshes, you entered the incorrect password. The resource library password is set by us and sent out in the welcome email/included in each email we send. The resource library password is not the password you set if/when you signed up for the grow app.

What is the grow app? The grow app allows you to bookmark your favorite blog posts. You can sign up for this on our blog via our newsletter sign-up form. You will set a password for this but this password is different from The Art Kit’s resource library password.

What is the password to the resource library? The password to the resource library is included in each email we send; please check your inbox for our most recent email.

Does the password to the resource library change? Yes, it does change. Please see the most recent email from us for the updated password.

Where do I enter the password? To enter the password, please visit our resource library. Page 1 of the resource library is a directory that will link you to each additional page in the resource library that holds all the files you can download.

How do I download the free printables? Some of the printables can be downloaded directly from their blog post. Most, however, can be found in the resource library.

STEP 1: From a blog post, click on the graphic that looks like this to be taken to the resource library:


STEP 2: Then, enter the password (given to you in our welcome email and all emails sent thereafter) to access the resource library (it may begin to log you in automatically if you entered the password recently).

STEP 3: Then, (this is an example of what you will want to click on in the resource library to download the file – the middle graphic will change depending on which printable you are downloading but the outside border will remain the same). Once you click on the graphic that looks like the one shown below, (from inside the resource library), the file will either begin downloading or a new tab will open up with the file (depending on your PC or phone setting).


To access page 1 of the resource library full of FREE printables, click here and enter the password when prompted. Or, go back to any blog post to click on a direct link to download the printable you’d like. 

Please note that some of the older blog posts do not have these graphics but will be replaced as time permits.


I remember seeing something about a discount code to HP Instant Ink, Book Outlet, for supplements, a toy store, etc. How do I find those codes? All coupon codes can be found on our coupon code page here.