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Romi Rami: Rummy-Style Card Game Review

Romi Rami: Rummy-Style Card Game Review

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Looking for a fun card game for your next family game night? Romi Rami offers a fun twist on the classic Rummy game!

The added tokens and colorful graphics are a fun addition to this game that will leave everyone wanting more!

Please continue reading below for several photos of the game and our honest thoughts.

romi rami card game review timberdoodle_the art kit

About Romi Rami

Romi Rami is a super fun game for two to four players!

Similar to Rummy, Romi Rami will have you adding market cards, filling contracts, wining trophies, and using suit bonuses to maximize your points!

This game is perfect for children eight and up!

The game includes:

  • 92 number cards
  • 36 contract cards
  • 4 trophy tokens
  • 4 joker toekns
  • First player token
  • Rules
romi rami game review_the art kit 9
romi rami game review_the art kit 1

How to Play

  1. Shuffle both decks individually (contract cards and number cards).
  2. Distribute three number cards to each player
  3. Fill the markets
  4. Toss the trophy tokens in the air (the kids will love this!). The face-up sides of the tokens will be the trophies for the game.
  5. Each player receives a joker token.
  6. The goal of the game is to score the most points. To do this, the player must fill contracts.
  7. There’s a bit more to it but you get the idea. Fortunately, the instructions are well laid out and easy to follow!
romi rami game review_the art kit 7
romi rami game review_the art kit 7
romi rami game review_the art kit 2

Who is This Game For?

This game is for ages 8 to adult. This is a great family game! I’ve always enjoyed Dummy Rummy so I thought this was a fun game to add to the collection!

romi rami game review_the art kit 7

Why We Love Romi Rami

We love the bright, vivid colors and fun graphics. The tokens add a fun additional element as well. I’ve enjoyed playing Dummy Rummy as long as I can remember so this was a fun twist on the classic game I am used to.

You can play the game in about thirty minutes so it’s the perfect game to play when you want to play a game but don’t have a huge block of time to play (or just want to play a quick game).

We love the compact size of the box – making it easy to tuck in the closet, in a diaper bag, or in a back-of-seat-organizer in the car!

The cards and tokens are durable and sized well!

If you’re looking for a new game to play at your next game night, I would recommend Romi Rami!

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Plus, the instructions are organized well and include lots of graphics to make it easy to learn how to play and get started soon.

romi rami game review_the art kit 7
romi rami game review_the art kit 1

Where Can I Purchase Romi Rami?

Romi Rami is available to purchase from Timberdoodle. You can purchase items separately or bundled together in curriculum kits.

We’ve purchased many items from Timberdoodle over the years – they have SO many fun and educational products, oftentimes priced lower than other retailers.

If you aren’t familiar with Timberdoodle, they offer fantastic learning products for babies all the way up to high school students. We have used their curriculum for many years and have been very happy with their products and amazing customer service. Not a homeschooling family? That’s fine too! They have an entire shop of products that would make the perfect gift for any child.

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