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IQ Gears: Smart Games Review

IQ Gears: Smart Games Review

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Looking for a fun single-player puzzle game for children and adults that also doubles as a fun logic game?

IQ Gears will test your children’s logic skills while they play. This fun game includes 120 fun challenges from starter to wizard!

Please continue reading below for several photos of the game and our honest thoughts.

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iq gears one player puzzle game review timberdoodle_the art kit

About IQ Gears

IQ Gears is a super fun one-player logic game! To play, select a challenge – starter, junior, expert, master, or wizard. Each challenge gives hints about the location of some gears.

This game is perfect for children seven and up!

The game includes:

  • 1 game board
  • 7 puzzle pieces with gears
  • 1 booklet with 120 challenges and solutions
smart games iq gears review timberdoodle_the art kit 7

How to Play

  1. Select a challenge from the booklet.
  2. Place the indicated puzzle pieces on the gameboard as shown in the challenge.
  3. Place the remaining gears on the game board, so that all the pieces fit and create a connection between the big gears on the right and left side of the game board.
  4. There is only one solution for each challenge, shown at the back of the challenge booklet.

The gears are durable and easy to use!

smart games iq gears review
smart games iq gears review timberdoodle_the art kit 6

Who is This Game For?

This game is for ages 7 to adult. Miss 6, 8, 11, and 13 loved this game as much as I did. We all enjoyed working through the challenges. It’s even fun to use the gears as a sort of fidget toy!

smart games iq gears review timberdoodle_the art kit 4

Why We Love IQ Gears

The game is very well made! The game board doubles as the storage box and is made of durable plastic. The game pieces are made from durable plastic as well and the challenge booklet is made of sturdy glossy paper. These will no doubt hold up to years of play!

Not only is IQ Gears a visually appealing game (we love the vibrant colors!) but it will also hone your concentration, problem-solving, and logic skills. We love it when games are educational as well as fun! We had a blast playing this game!

smart games iq gears review timberdoodle_the art kit 3
smart games iq gears review timberdoodle_the art kit 3

We have several Smart Games but this one is so unique! We loved the colorful gears – they spin well and we loved the moving element to this game!

I love that learning how to play is so simple and that the challenges are both doable and challenging.

The illustrations in the challenge booklet are simple and the game pieces are durable and very easy to use – they’re sized perfectly for both big and small hands.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone with children or grandchildren, or anyone wanting to keep their brain sharp! You can easily gift this to an adult!

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Featured Image
smart games iq gears review timberdoodle_the art kit 6
smart games iq gears review timberdoodle_the art kit 6

We love that this game can be played by a single player but can also be used together. In addition to playing this game as designed, you could also use it as free play – the gears make great fidget toys! It can easily be stored away in the closet, in a diaper bag, or in a back-of-seat-organizer in the car!

Where Can I Purchase IQ Gears?

IQ Gears is available to purchase from Timberdoodle. You can purchase items separately or bundled together in curriculum kits.

We’ve purchased many items from Timberdoodle over the years – they have SO many fun and educational products, oftentimes priced lower than other retailers.

If you aren’t familiar with Timberdoodle, they offer fantastic learning products for babies all the way up to high school students. We have used their curriculum for many years and have been very happy with their products and amazing customer service. Not a homeschooling family? That’s fine too! They have an entire shop of products that would make the perfect gift for any child.

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