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How to Make Glittery Princess Slime

How to Make Glittery Princess Slime

This pink and purple glitter-filled slime is perfect for any princess. With added pearls and gemstones, your little princess will be captivated for hours while she uncovers hidden gems, makes letters out of pearls, and unsticks her Lego friends from the slime trap. Read on to see how we put this fun slime invitation to play together (and how we snuck in a little bit of educational fun too!)

glitter princess slime no borax easy

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What You’ll Need

Liquid starch

School glue (you can use clear or regular)

Popsicle stick

Bowl to mix in

Food coloring


Pearl beads


Storage container

What to Do

Begin by gathering your materials.

Next, pour one bottle of glue into your mixing bowl. You can use either white or clear glue (we used clear). Fill your bottle of glue halfway with water and pour into your bowl. Add one drop of food coloring and mix thoroughly. Next, sprinkle in some glitter.

glitter princess slime

Next, add 1/2 cup of liquid starch and mix thoroughly with your popsicle stick until it forms a glob. The picture below shows what the slime should look like about halfway to becoming a glob.

liquid starch princess slime

Now for the fun part! 🙂 Knead the slime together in your hands for a minute or two until it is no longer sticky. We added a picture below of the final product along with the bottle of glitter we used just for good measure. 🙂

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Featured Image

Tip: We discovered that if the slime was still sticky or not globbing together after adding all the ingredients and kneading it awhile, rinsing it in a bowl of water helped. Also, a minute or two of kneading the slime after rinsing it does wonders for it as well!

princess slime

Now it’s play time! Set the slime out for your child along with some pearl beads, gemstones, and whatever other sparkly princess objects you can find.

First, we invited our children to make letters in the slime with the pearls.

Princess slime letter practice letter practice with slime

Then, they buried pearls and gems and then excavated them.how to make princess slime purple glitter princess slime no borax pink glitter princess slime

Their Lego friends even took a quick dive in the princess slime.

lego friends slime

After the kids were done playing, we put the slime in airtight containers for next time.
glitter princess slime no borax easy

princess slime gems how to store slime

That’s it! While it may seem intimidating at first, it really wasn’t as messy or as difficult as we first thought and after a few trial and error batches, we had it down to a science! We made a batch of purple and a batch of pink and it was just perfect for an afternoon of fun.

We also made lavender scented slime and DIY floam from recycled cups that turned out really fun!

Have you made slime before? Let us know in the comment section below.

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diy slime for princesses

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