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Watermelon Playdough Activity for Kids {Recipe Included}

Watermelon Playdough Activity for Kids {Recipe Included}

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We’re so excited to share our latest watermelon-themed playdough activity with you. It’s such a great sensory activity that we’re sure your kids (and you!) will love! Read on for all the details.

Watermelon Playdough Recipe and Activity for Kids from @theartkit

We’re so excited for summer that we’ve been making anything that reminds us of summer and what better activity than watermelon playdough to help usher in summer, right? We took our one-pot playdough recipe, added some food coloring, and then sat back and watched as the kids had a blast concocting all sorts of watermelon playdough treats. 🙂

What You’ll Need

Homemade playdough

Wilton icing colors (we recently discovered this product and are loving it – it produces rich, vibrant colors easily – and offers a wider range of colors than we were able to reach before)

Watermelon printable pack (free for all newsletter subscribers)

What to Do

 We started by making a double batch of our one pot playdough. Once it had cooled down a bit, we split the playdough into four separate piles and added the Wilton icing colors to make our watermelon colored playdough. The colors were so vibrant and we were excited about how easily we were able to dye the playdough black (versus how we had dyed our space playdough black).

Next, we laid out the playdough, along with a rolling pin, play knife, paper watermelon seeds from our watermelon printable pack, and some silicone cupcake liners and let the kids have fun. They enjoyed making watermelon cupcakes. Their Green Toys cupcake stand came to rescue once again and was just perfect for this activity!

Watermelon Playdough Recipe and Activity for Kids from @theartkit

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You could also print off the watermelon slice from the printable pack, laminate it or insert it into a dry erase pocket (only the best invention ever!), and have the kids place playdough on top, using the watermelon printable sheet as a guide to create their own playdough watermelon slice.

Or, they could make little playdough watermelon slices and place either real watermelon seeds on, playdough watermelon seeds, or print off a few paper seeds from our printable pack. Our oldest mentioned turning some of the seeds over so that she could include white seeds as well as black seeds. I realized then that they’ve only really seen the little white seeds in watermelon because the stores only seem to sell seedless watermelons these days. Remember when we had to scoop the seeds out ourselves? Oh, the good ‘ole days!

Watermelon Playdough Recipe and Activity for Kids from @theartkit

Watermelon Playdough Recipe and Activity for Kids from @theartkit

How did your watermelon playdough activity turn out? Did you and the kids love it? We had so much fun with this activity! We’d love to see you enjoying this activity! Share with us on social media #theartkit.

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