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LAST DAY: 97% OFF the Spring MEGA Bundle!

LAST DAY: 97% OFF the Spring MEGA Bundle!

Ahh! It’s the last day to get The Spring MEGA Bundle and it is INCREDIBLE! 😍😍😍

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Want to Know More? Read on Below:

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of our🌸Spring Mega Bundle!🌸 Immerse your children in the enchanting world of Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and Waldorf-inspired educational resources, designed to captivate young minds and hearts.

🌼 Perfect for All Ages: From ages 2 to 12+ years, our bundle caters to a diverse range of interests and developmental stages, ensuring an engaging learning experience for every child.

🌈 Exclusive Limited-Time Offer: Act fast! Our Spring Mega Bundle is available for a very short time. Don’t miss your chance to secure this treasure trove of educational wonders for your family.

💸 Massive Savings: Save a whopping 97% off the original value! For just $25, you’ll receive over 3,000 pages of beautifully crafted resources worth $900, designed to enrich your children’s learning journey.

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What is it?

It is a brand-new collection of over 3,000 spring-themed pages of gorgeous, engaging, fun, and educational printables designed to enrich your children’s learning journey. Once you purchase it, you will receive a file to download everything. You will then have lifetime access to all of the printables and print or use them at your leisure.

How long is it available?

It is only available for one week – it ends on March 24.

Why do I need it?

  • It will breathe new life into your spring learning months
  • It includes material for children of all ages – that can be done together as a family
  • It is an incredible deal that will save you over $875 and hours of time
  • It makes learning FUN!

How much is the bundle worth?


Is it really worth $900?

Yes! As crazy as it may sound, if you were to buy each one of these printable packs separately, the total would honestly come to $900.

How much does it cost?

Not $900, not $500, not even $100! You can purchase the entire bundle – with over 3,000 pages of content – designed by nearly 60 of your favorite content creators – for just $25.

What ages is it for?

It is suited for ages 2 to 12+ years. Our bundle caters to a diverse range of interests and developmental stages, ensuring an engaging learning experience for every child.

What exactly is included?


  • Birds Posters – Mind Sprout PH
  • Wild Animals Posters – Mind Sprout PH
  • Birds Unit Study – Hollow and Hoot
  • Chickadees – Nature Learning Studio (Modern Imagination)
  • Duck Unit Study – Crafts Fun and Learning
  • Endangered Animals – Our Monte Stories
  • Extraordinary Eggs Study and Poster – The Mama Curate
  • Frog Unit – Established at Home Co.
  • Goat Anatomy – Willow & Owl
  • Hare Study – Gabitat Emporium
  • Koala Anatomy – So Simple a Beginning
  • Octopus – Love Light Learn
  • Sea Animals – Barefoot Child
  • Skunk and Badger Unit Study – Budget Homeschool
  • The Age of Dinosaurs – Organized Homeschool


  • Music in Spring Study – Rudens Art
  • Spring Art Appreciation (Meditation and Puzzle) – Living Montessori Now
  • Spring Art Study Pocket Cards – My Mega Bundles


  • 20 Christian Scientists & Engineers – Salt and Lightspeed
  • Botanical Scripture Coloring Pages – Alisa Taylor
  • Resurrection Morning Basket – Established At Home Co.
  • Ramadan Resource – Love Light Learn Homeschool


  • Genealogy for Kids – Montessori Living Room
  • Mommy’s Belly Unit Study – Mi Tiendita Montessori
  • My Dad and Mum Mini Lapbooks – Beyond the Book Education


  • Farm Animals Unit Study – Learning Made Fun
  • Farm Animals Posters – MindSprout PH
  • Fruits Poster –  MindSprout PH


  • G is for Gardening – Teaching O and A
  • Gardening Study – Tacklebox Montessori
  • Vegetable Poster –  MindSprout PH
  • Garden Unit – Copilarie Printre Ierburi
  • Garden Guide – Willow & Owl
  • Tulip Investigation Set – Crafts Fun and Learning


  • Ancient China – Montessori Kiwi
  • Land & Water Forms – Pepper and Pine Montessori
  • All About Ethiopia – 193 Little Adventures
  • Great Lakes – Modern Classical Homeschool
  • Ireland Explorer – A Country Study – Willow and Owl
  • Landmarks of the Continents – Montessori Inspired Co.
  • Map of Australia Puzzle – Ashley Rose and Me
  • Skagit Valley Tulip Festival – Heritage Letter
  • The Netherlands Unit Study – Aprendiendode3
  • Traditional Houses Around the World – Rudens Art


  • Fats & Sugars – Aprendizaje Relevante
  • Mindfulness for Kids – Learning 2gether


  • All About Bees – En Confiance Avec Montessori
  • Butterfly Unit – Learning Made Fun
  • Insects Poster – MindSprout PH
  • 5 Life Cycle Insects – Nature Journaling Thru the Seasons
  • Bumblebee Set – Honeycomb Cabin
  • Butterfly and Moth Unit Study – Purple Nest Creations
  • Insect life Nature Study – For the Love of Homeschooling
  • Ladybugs – Wildflowers by Sarah
  • Moth Looking Glass Nature Study – Books and Willows
  • Moth Resource – Love Light Learn


  • Francis Hodgson Burnett Study Guide – Heritage Letter
  • Middle Vowel Copywork – Teaching O and A
  • ABC Tracing Spring Themed – Tacuco
  • Compound Words – Love School at Home
  • CVC CCVC CVCC Mirror Words Set – Modern Classical Homeschool
  • Firetruck Math Activities – Hudson Academy of Curiosity
  • Flowers Language Pack – Every Star Is Different
  • Haiku Hike – Montessori Inspired Co.
  • Parts of Speech – So Simple a Beginning
  • Rainforest Biome Montessori Language Work – Little Hands Learn
  • Spring Themed Literacy Pack – Generation Education


  • Loose Parts – Ashley Rose and Me
  • Mazes, Worksheets, and More – Tacuco
  • Nature Numbers – Learning Made Fun
  • Visual Perception (ENG + ES) – Learning 2gether
  • Assigning Variables Color by Code – Salt and Lightspeed
  • Firetruck Math Activities – Hudson Academy of Curiosity
  • Flowers Math Printable Pack – Every Star Is Different
  • Geometric Solids Exploration – Stella Nova Montesssori
  • Pollinator Themed Math Facts Sorting – Montessori for Moms
  • Spring Flowers and Insects – Gorun’s World
  • Spring Themed Math Pack (Levels K+) – Generation Education
  • Telling Time – Generation Education


  • AYONP March – Gabitat Emporium
  • Daffodils Lapbook – Beyond the Books Education
  • Herb & Folklore Almanac (March) – Gabitat Emporium
  • Herbs and Foraging – Rooted Homelife
  • Leaves Unit Study – Leyendo con Azul
  • Nature Journal – The Barefoot Child
  • Spring Flowers – Nature Journaling Thru the Seasons
  • Spring Scavenger Hung and Journaling Pages – Tacuco
  • Sustainable Nature Play – Copilarie Printre Ierburi
  • The Seasonal Nature Study (Spring) – Nature for Children
  • Wildflowers Unit – Copilarie Printre Ierburi


  • Alexander Graham Bell Study – Heritage Letter
  • Rocks & Minerals – My Little Montessorian
  • 20 Christian Scientists & Engineers – Salt and Lightspeed *
  • Engineering Unit – Harbor and Sprout
  • Fossils – My Little Montessorian
  • Plate Tectonics – My Little Montessorian


  • Classroom Banners for Springtime – Montessori for Moms
  • Land Water Air Sorting – Montessori for Moms
  • Preschool Spring Bundle – Established at Home Co
  • Snails Spring Spirals – Nature Learning Studio (Modern Imagination)
  • Spring Game Pack – The Art Kit
  • Spring Learning Pack – Montessori in Daily Life
  • Spring Nature Study – Wanderlings Forest School

This sounds too good to be true. Is there a catch? Is this a scam?

I’ve been asked this before by those that have never purchased so just in case you’re wondering, I wanted to address this. I can guarantee you 100% that this is not a scam. It is 100% legitimate. I know it may sound too good to be true but it really is just an amazing collection of printables at a really good price for one week. There is only one catch and that is that it is only available for one week. 💜

For several years now, I have personally worked with the lady that puts this bundle on and she is, in fact, a real person and every printable that you see in the photos is included with your purchase.

Are these all printables?

Yes, nothing will be mailed to you which means:

  • You won’t pay any shipping costs
  • You can download and access the material immediately
  • You can download them all now and then print them out at your leisure and enjoy them for years to come
  • Digital also means you can print out as many copies for your family as you need and you won’t have to pay to purchase additional sets

I like it but can I see more before I buy?

Yes! If there is a particular pack you’d like to see a closer look at, leave a comment on this post and we will add a scroll-through video of the content in that pack! Check below for a few videos of the bundle (coming soon!).

On the order page, address 2 is required but I don’t have an apt. #. What do I do?

If you don’t have an apartment or unit number, simply enter NA in line 2 on the order form.

Is there an upgrade option?

Yes! For just $14 more dollars, in addition to everything in the main bundle, you will receive:

  • Perpetual Gratefulness Kid’s Journal
  • Fully Comprehensive Spring Art Study Guide and Art Activity Book
  • A Digitally Enhanced Vintage Book of The First Book of Bees
  • Collection of Sight Words Study Cards and Boards
  • 10 Beautifully Designed Educational Posters
  • 4 Gorgeous Vintage Nature Posters

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Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

Thank you for your lovely work. The spring Freebie was amazing!

The Art Kit

Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

You're so welcome! I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying the printables!