playdough color mixing the art kit

Playdough Color Mixing

Do you have a little one that loves to mix colors? If so, this playdough activity is perfect for them. Not only will they be encouraged to mix colors, but they will be absolutely delighted to discover that when they mix certain colors together, new colors will form. Read on for all the details on this hands-on lesson about the magic of color!

playdough color mixing the art kit

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What You’ll Need

Homemade playdough or store-bought playdough in the primary colors

Food coloring (red, yellow, and blue)

Parchment paper

Color wheel printable (from our resource library)

Laminator or dry erase sleeves

What to Do

Start by making a double batch of our one-pot playdough. Once the playdough is cool enough to handle, divide it into three equal piles.

Add red food coloring to one pile, yellow to another, and blue to the last. Mix together well and voila!


Now take out your dino color wheel, taking note of which colors will create the secondary colors. Mix appropriate colors together and you should end up with violet, green, and orange. You can mix these with the primary colors to create the tertiary colors.


Once we had mixed our playdough, we decided to incorporate our color wheel guide too. Sign up for our newsletter to get your very own color wheel printable! It’s something you won’t find anywhere else. Before using it with playdough, we laminated it, which made it super easy to wipe clean when we were done playing.

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That’s it! The kids had a blast learning about color mixing and loved being able to place their handmade dough on the color wheel puzzle guide. Give it a try and let us know how your coloring mixing went. We love hearing how we’ve inspired you! What else could you do with the playdough? Share photos with us on our blog or on social media. Add #theartkit to your post, or share directly on our Facebook page to be featured on our wall!

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