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Salt Dough Leaf Critters {An Easy Fall Craft for Kids}

Salt Dough Leaf Critters {An Easy Fall Craft for Kids}

If you’re looking for a super easy and fun fall ornament craft, this is for you! Read on below to see how we made these little salt dough cuties!

Salt dough leaf critters- an easy and fun fall craft for kids from @theartkit www.theartkitblog.com

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These darling salt dough leaves have officially become one of my favorite crafts – the kids couldn’t stop making them because they were having so much fun and it was so fun to see each little leaf critter come to life as they glittered them and added googly eyes and smiles. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

What You’ll Need 

1 cup flour 

½ cup salt 

¾ cup water 

Rolling pin 

Leaf cookie cutter 

Cookie sheet 

Acrylic paint 

Paint brush 


White glue 

Googly eyes 

Straw and ribbon (optional) 

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What to Do

Begin by preheating the oven to 250 degrees.  

Combine the salt and flour in a medium sized bowl. Slowly mix in the water (you may end up using either slightly less or more than ¾ cup). Once combined, and once the dough is less sticky, roll the dough out to desired thickness. To eliminate the dough from sticking to your work surface, spread wax paper out first and lightly dust with flour if needed. 

For another fun craft idea, you may also enjoy this Step by Step Paper Mache from a fellow blogger.

salt dough fall craft kids ornament

Using the leaf cookie cutter, cut out several leaves. If desired, you could use a straw to make a hole in the leaf which can be later used to string ribbon through to hang.  

salt dough fall craft kids ornament
salt dough fall craft kids ornament

Carefully place them on cookie sheet and bake for 30-60 minutes or longer (depending on thickness) until dry. Keep an eye on the oven as baking time may vary due to thickness of dough. 

Once cool, paint your leaves. We used fall colors- yellow, orange, and red, but you could use any colors you’d like. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle on glitter, if desired. It is always fun to see what the little ones come up with- our little ones decided to make mouths on their leaves by using white glue and glitter and they came out so cute! 

salt dough fall craft kids ornament
salt dough fall craft kids ornament

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Next, attach the googly eyes to the leaves with white glue. 

Allow to dry and enjoy! You could hang your leaves with ribbon, pass them out to family members or friends, or attach one or two to a picture frame to spruce it up for fall. 

salt dough crafts ornaments for fall kids

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