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Coffee Filter Craft – Peacocks {Fingerprint Painting Fun}

Coffee Filter Craft – Peacocks {Fingerprint Painting Fun}

We’ve been enjoying learning all about peacocks lately, so naturally we had to make a fun peacock craft with the kids. We decided on creating our peacocks from coffee filters, incorporating fingerprint art as well, and then got to work making our masterpieces. Read on to see how the peacocks turned out.

Coffee filter craft - finger painting peacocks

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What You’ll Need

Coffee filters

Blue paper

Orange paper

Blue paint

Green paint

Paint brush

Mini paper plate or paint cup

Black marker


Googly eyes

Glue stick

Craft tray

What to Do

Begin by placing your craft tray on your work space. Next, fold the coffee filter in half and paint it green.

Coffee filter craft - finger painting peacocks

Next, dab your finger in the blue paint and apply it to the peacock.

Coffee filter craft - finger painting peacocks

Next, cut out the peacock’s body from blue paper, add googly eyes and a face and glue it to the peacock’s feathers. Add a pair of legs from the orange paper and your peacock is complete. 🙂

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Featured Image

Coffee filter craft - finger painting peacocks

Coffee filter craft - finger painting peacocks

So cute, right? This is one of my all-time favorite crafts to do with the kids! I did not allow myself to interfere in my children’s process – as we went through each step, I suggested they paint the coffee filter green, add blue fingerprints, etc. When it came time to making the peacock’s body, I asked them if they would like to draw it on the paper and cut it out, which they said yes, they would. I then asked if they would like to include googly eyes and a face and of course they added eyelashes, a nose, and cheeks as well. 🙂 It’s okay if your child’s peacock turn out differently – that’s what makes them so special!

I have found it to be very important to allow the child to have freedom over their artwork. Resist stepping in too much. Let them know you’re there if they need you but limit yourself to how often you offer to step in (unsolicited) and complete certain steps. This will help to grow their confidence in their art as well as themselves.

If I had stepped in, and cut the body out myself, etc., this little coffee filter peacock would not have turned out half as adorable as it did. After all, I want to see what my children can create, not what I can create (although sometimes, I do admit to joining in and creating my own masterpieces right along with them). 🙂

Coffee filter craft - finger painting peacocks

Did you and your children enjoy this activity? Let us know in the comment section below.

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