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Language Builder Emotion Cards Review

Language Builder Emotion Cards Review

When Miss 8 was younger, she would always ask when she saw someone on television or while we were out running errands, “What’s their face?” So, when I spotted these language builder emotion cards, I knew they would be the perfect addition to our homeschool curriculum for Miss 5 (and for Miss tag-along 2 as well).


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Each hi-gloss card is 3.5″ x 5″ and comes in a durable box for easy storage.


The back of each card includes a section to write when the card was introduced and mastered. Each of the emotion provoking scenario cards also includes several possible questions to ask as well.


The emotion cards can be used in many different ways, such as:

  1. Hold up a card and ask when someone might show that emotion.
  2. Hold up a card and ask why they might be showing that emotion.
  3. Present three cards (two of the same emotion and one different) and ask your child to take out the emotion that does not match.
  4. Play go fish with the cards.
  5. Select an emotion card and ask your child to draw a picture of that emotion.
  6. Select an emotion card and ask your child to sculpt that emotion with playdough.
  7. Place multiple cards on the table and ask your child to sort the cards by emotion.

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In addition to the 40 emotion cards, 40 emotion provoking scenario cards are included. These can be used in many ways as well, such as:

  1. Hold up a card and ask about the activity shown on the card – what are they doing? Why? How do you think that makes them feel?
  2. What might they do next?
  3. Can you pretend to do the activity shown on the card?

All the kids really enjoyed working with the cards – all the way from Miss 2 to Miss 8. I would definitely recommend these cards to anyone looking to teach their children about feelings and emotions in a fun and interactive way.

These emotion cards are available to purchase from Timberdoodle. You can purchase items separately or bundled together in curriculum kits. These cards can either be purchased individually or as part of Timberdoodle’s pre-k curriculum kit. We’ve purchased many items from Timberdoodle over the years – they have SO many fun and educational products, often times priced lower than other retailers.

If you aren’t familiar with Timberdoodle, they offer fantastic learning products for babies all the way up to high school students. We have used their curriculum for many years and have been very happy with not only their products but their amazing customer service as well. Not a homeschooling family? That’s fine too! They have an entire shop of products that would make the perfect gift for any child.

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Teresa Locklear

Saturday 15th of September 2018

These look great for helping kids learn their emotions.

The Art Kit

Sunday 16th of September 2018

They were really fun to use!