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Week 1 Review – The Playful Pioneers Curriculum from The Peaceful Press

Week 1 Review – The Playful Pioneers Curriculum from The Peaceful Press

The Playful Pioneers from The Peaceful Press is a literature and project-based curriculum for elementary students.

After months of research, and after reading one glowing review after another of The Peaceful Press, I decided to change things up a bit this year with our homeschool curriculum and add in The Playful Pioneers curriculum to our studies.

The Peaceful Press offers several different curriculum options; I chose to go with The Playful Pioneers – a curriculum designed for early elementary students – for Miss 8 and Miss 5 (Miss 2 has enjoyed tagging along as well).

Week one was a complete success – the girls and I had such a blast and are now thoroughly enjoying week two.

the peaceful press review of the playful pioneers curriculum

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We started reading Farmer Boy, learned about horses, ate homemade popcorn, put together horse puzzles, and fell in love with The Julia Rothman Collection of books.

the peaceful press review of the playful pioneers curriculum; parts of a horse in the julia rothman collection of books

The girls even set up a playdough/nature scene for the horse figurines they painted.

the peaceful press review of the playful pioneers curriculum - gentle learning
the peaceful press review of the playful pioneers curriculum - homemade playdough

I have to say, I was pretty sad to say goodbye to summer but this fall themed playdough and new curriculum have made the transition to a new school year a little easier. 🙂 

I love how the curriculum is put together and its gentle approach. The girls (and I) have learned so much already and the best part is that it’s been so fun!

the peaceful press review of the playful pioneers curriculum - writing practice

The Playful Pioneers Components

The Playful Pioneers is a multi-part bundle.

This guide will lead you through daily readings in The Little House on the Prairie series along with picture books designed to introduce your child to American history from Native Americans to the Age of Industry. The parent guide includes map work, nature study, poetry, hymns, narration, copy work prompts, science experiments, art, practical life skills, and much more.

The Playful Pioneers student sheets include poetry selections, Bible verses, maps, patterns, and hand-drawn illustrations to introduce narration and copy work to your child.

The Playful Pioneers Cookbook includes recipes to correspond with the readings from each week. Your child will learn important life skills as you work through the recipes, including: making cream into butter, making a natural insect repellant, baking bread, and even making cheese.


The art includes 29 different art prints featuring artists such as Remington, Taylor, Monet, Van Gogh, and Catlin, along with art depicting famous events in American history. The Playful Pioneers Art is designed to help your children become familiar with famous artists and important historical events.

The Peaceful Press knows how to make learning fun – how to bring history to life – and how to invite your child to love learning.

For a free sample, or to learn more about how you can integrate this curriculum into your home, visit The Peaceful Press here.

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