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CUTE! Free! Apple Themed Even + Odd Sorting Printable Pack

CUTE! Free! Apple Themed Even + Odd Sorting Printable Pack

If you’re looking for a fun way to practice even and odd sorting, look no further than our adorable apple-themed number sorting printable pack. Continue reading below to see how you can download this free fall apple number sorting printable pack.

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Supplies you’ll need for this sorting activity:

How to use this sorting activity:

  1. Print out the sheets and laminate them (optional). You could also insert the basket sheets into sheet protectors.
  2. Cut out the numbered apples.
  3. Mix up the numbered apple cards.
  4. Set out the numbered apple cards and the even/odd baskets and invite your child to sort the numbers.

Possible Variations:

  • Invite your child to arrange the apples numerically.
  • Use the apples to practice skip counting.
  • Show your child two apples and ask them to add them together (or subtract).
  • Show your child two apples and ask them which number is larger (or smaller).
  • Place a few apples in a row and ask your child to rearrange them into the correct numerical order.
  • Place half a dozen apples in a row, numerically, but leave one apple out. Ask your child which apple is missing.
  • Print out two sets of the apples and use them to make a memory match game (you may want to only use 1/3 – 1/2 of the apples at a time).
  • Place the apples on the ground. Call out a number and invite your child to jump to that apple.
  • If your child likes to be timed, mix up the apples and see how fast they can sort them (or how fast they can place them in numerical order).

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Extend the Fun with These Adorable Finds:

How to Access this Free Apple Even Odd Sorting Printable Pack:

How to Gain Access to this FREE Printable

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