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The Ultimate List of Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids

The Ultimate List of Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids

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We’ve compiled our favorite arts and crafts supplies for kids into one ultimate and oh-so-handy guide. If you’re looking for a creative gift to give or to simply stock your own craft closet, we have the ultimate list for you!

Air dry clay (in case they add extra objects to their clay masterpieces that can’t go in the oven)

Art book (it makes the kids feel so grown up to have their own fancy hard-bound art book)

Artificial flowers

Art smock (we’ve used this one since our oldest was two and she still uses at almost seven years old)

Bakers twine

Blank cards (to make your own love notes, thank you cards, and holiday cards)




Coffee filters

Colored pencils (these won’t roll away and they have the BEST lead of any other brand – they don’t break off when sharpening or drawing)

Construction paper

Contact paper (for suncatchers and such)

Cookie cutters (a must for playdough lovers)

Cotton balls

Crayola model magic

Crayons (these are our favorite) in both sticks and blocks

Cupcake liners

Dot markers

Decorative scissors

Dry beans

Dry erase markers

Drawing book

Drying rack (because there’s never enough counter space for all that artwork to dry)

Egg cartons

Erasable markers

Erasable pens (they really work!)

Eraser (seriously, the best brand EVER!)

Felt (because what can’t you make with felt?!)

Finger paint

Finger paint paper

Foam shapes

Food coloring

Gel pens

Gemstones (like the ones we used in our mini wreaths)

Glitter glue (there’s just something about sticky glitter that kids can’t resist)

Glitter tape (you can thank us later ;))

Glue stick

Hole punch

Hot glue gun 

Hot glue gun sticks (These are the ones we used for our push pin gems)

Kite paper

Liquid glue

Markers (we like these erasable markers too)

Mini notecards (these are THE cutest!!)

Mini chalk board

Mini dry erase board


Paint brush

Paint cups

Paint pallet

Paint tray

Paper bags

Paper making kit

Paper plates

Pencil sharpener

Perler beads


Playdough (homemade or storebought)

Playdough tools

Pom poms

Pony beads

Popsicle sticks

Printer paper

Printmaking set

Rubber stamps

Scotch tape

Sequins (easier to clean up than glitter ;))

Scratch art sheets

Sharpie markers

Shaving cream

Shrinky dink sheets

Spirograph (we have the Jr. and love it!)



Straws (perfect for stringing and using in playdough)

Stretchy beading cord (for jewelry making)


Tape dispenser (this one is really cute!)

Texture rubbing plates

Textured paint brushes

Tissue paper

Unfinished wood (kids love painting wood – such as blocks, birdhouses, cutouts, discs, etc.)

Unused magazines (great for cutting out images and texts to create collages)

Washi tape (we use this for everything and love that it is easier to remove than standard tape)

Watercolor set

Watercolor pencils


3D pen

Anything we haven’t mentioned that you would add to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

Which are your favorites? Discover a few new favorite arts and crafts supplies? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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