Snoman playdough mats from the art kit

Snowman Playdough Mats {Free Printables}

We can’t seem to get enough of playdough lately, and with Christmas coming, we thought it was the perfect excuse to put together a fun set of snowman playdough mats to keep the fun going. To discover our recommendations for printing and laminating (and how we like to save money in the process), please continue reading below.

Snoman playdough mats from the art kit

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What You’ll Need

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What to Do

Begin by download and printing the snowman playdough mats. We recently signed up for the HP Instant Ink program and are loving it! They offer several different plans (such as $4.99 for 100 pages a month) and will automatically send you new cartridges before you even need them. We are now saving SO MUCH money (and time) on ink and I don’t feel guilty printing out new printables and playdough mats each day. If you want to check it out, ordering through our link here will give you 3 free months. You can use any HP printer but we’ve been using this compact one and absolutely love it! The color is gorgeous and matches my decor (we’ll call that a win!) and the size is smaller than any printer I’ve ever owned which is great for small spaces (or living room/dining room offices). Between HP Instant Ink and our compact printer, my printing life truly has become so much easier to print all these fun playdough mats and activity sheets we’ve been making lately.

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Sometimes we laminate our playdough mats and sometimes we slip them into sheet protectors and tuck them in a 3-ring binder. Laminating is a bit more durable but if your little ones aren’t too rambunctious with their playdough mats, sheet protectors should work just fine.

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Once you’ve printed and protected your snowman playdough mats, it’s time to have some fun!

We set our snowman playdough mats out and asked the children to place the appropriate number of playdough balls on the grid. You can also invite them to outline the numbers or letters with playdough or to decorate the snowman.

Snoman playdough mats from the art kit

What I love about these snowman playdough mats is that only do they encourage number recognition and counting practice but they also encourage creativity and open-ended thinking. You could also practice addition and subtraction with the playdough mats.

Snoman playdough mats from the art kit

You could also use these sheets with dry erase markers, pom poms, or counters. We’ve used all of these in the past and the kids have had a blast with them all.

Miss 7, Miss 4, and Miss 18 months all had fun with this activity. Such a great activity for a wide range of ages!

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Snoman playdough mats from the art kit

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