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Review: Evan-Moor Daily Science Grade 3

Review: Evan-Moor Daily Science Grade 3

We love Evan-Moor books – they make learning manageable with their bite-size daily assignments and easy-to-follow format. If you’re looking for an open and go book, you’ll love this daily science book for 3rd grade! To read our full review and see a few sneak peek photos of the inside, please continue reading below.

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What You’ll Need

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Review of Evan-Moor Daily Science Grade 3 Book

I love how easy it is to keep the book open – something so simple and yet some books are so difficult to work in and that makes for frustrated students. Each page can also easily be removed thanks to their perforated lines. In the past, I have removed pages and put them in a folder, along with the other subjects for the day, which makes it easy to see what we’ll be working on that day.

I also found their large-sized, easy-to-read font and bolded titles and vocabulary words helpful as we read through each page.

The book is in black and white but the lack of color didn’t seem to bother Miss 7. In fact, she mentioned that that just meant she could color the images in as she went. A win for this art-loving family!

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The book contains six big idea units with four standards-based weekly lessons. Twenty-four activity pages are included, as well as teacher lesson plans. In addition to content vocabulary, a focus on comprehension, and visual literacy practice, you’ll find six hands-on activities.

What are the six big ideas taught?

Big Idea 1: Living things have adaptations that help them survive in their environment.

Big Idea 2: Plants have many parts. Each part does a special job.

Big Idea 3: Fossils tell us about plants and animals that lived long ago.

Big Idea 4: Air is a gas that surrounds us, take up space, and creates weather.

Big Idea 5: Light travels in a straight line until it hits an object. Light can be absorbed, refracted, or reflected.

Big Idea 6: Electricity can exist as static electricity or travel as a current through a conductor.

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Each big idea has a vocabulary list, five weeks of worksheets to work on, and one hands-on activity.

evan moore daily science grade 3 review curriculum book homeschool 4

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If you’re looking for a no-fuss, easy-to-follow, engaging science book for your 3rd grader, this would make a great addition to your homeschooling day.

evan moore daily science grade 3 review curriculum book homeschool

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