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Alphabet Letter A Coloring Pages and Printable Worksheets

Simple Printable Letter A Coloring Pages and Worksheets

Let’s learn about the letter A! These free and easy to download printable coloring pages and worksheets are perfect for children who are eager to practice letter sounds, trace letters, and color.

We know you’re busy tending to your young children which is why we make accessing our printables extra convenient! Simply click on the download below the graphic illustrating the file you’d like and the file will open instantly.

free letter a coloring pages printables worksheets

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Trace the A’s

A is for apple. Trace the uppercase and lowercase A’s and then write your own letter A’s on the lines below. Color in the apple with crayons or markers. Do a dot markers or balled up tissue paper glued on the apple would also turn this fun letter A worksheet into a simple no-stress craft for your early learner.

Letter A is for Apple Coloring Page

This one-page apple printable is perfect for a quick craft for your preschooler or older child. Decorate the apple with cut up bits of construction paper, do a dot markers, or simply practice cutting the apple out.

If you’d like, invite your child to watch this catchy letter A song while you print the coloring pages.

A is for Airplane Coloring Page

Coloring pages are always a fun way to break up the day for children. Practice fine motor skills and the letter sounds by coloring in this airplane coloring sheet. For additional fine motor work, invite your child to cut the airplane out and glue it onto a blue sheet of construction paper. Glue cotton balls around the airplane to act as clouds.

Uppercase Letter A Coloring Page

Color or decorate the uppercase letter A with this full sheet page. Perfect for preschoolers learning about the alphabet! There are many options on how you could present this to your child. Dot a dot markers are always a fun option to color the letter A in or, invite your child to search magazines for objects that start with the letter A and cut and paste the objects inside the letter A outline. Your child could also practice their scissor skills by cutting the capital A out.

Lowercase Letter A Coloring Page

Decorate the lowercase letter A with paint, markers, or paste torn up pieces of paper onto this fun coloring page. Or, roll playdough and shape it inside the letter a. Perfect for children just learning their alphabet or those needing a bit more practice with the alphabet.

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Visit the blog again soon for more great free printables. Which coloring pages would you like to see? Leave a comment below and let us know!

free letter a coloring pages printables worksheets