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Kiwi Co Maker Crate Review

Maker Crate by Kiwi Crate: Review

Kiwi Co has launched a new monthly subscription kit – Maker Crate – and it’s geared for artists aged 14 and up.

Maker Crate is an innovative themed kit that will introduce you to new art and design tools.

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This crate was given to me in exchange for a review but as always, I have given my honest thoughts. #ad #sponsored

What Will You Find Inside a Maker Crate?

  • Awesome projects and more in every crate
  • High-quality art supplies
  • Hands-on projects
  • New crafts and techniques
  • Helpful tips, a link to video tutorials, and a bit of background info on the project
  • Supplies to make something you can actually use or gift

What Type of Projects Can You Expect to Find Inside a Maker Crate?

  • Macrame Planters
  • Stenciled Book Holder
  • Punch-Needle Pillow
  • Terrazzo Clay Organizers

Whether you are an avid crafter/artist or are just getting started, Maker Crate will supply you with the confidence you need to make creative and unique projects.

Kiwi Co: Worth the Hype? Yes! Here’s Why:

  • KiwiCo delivers enriching hands-on projects that are seriously fun!
  • KiwiCo is totally convenient – everything you need is delivered right to your doorstep.
  • Hands-on learning means the skills you learn will stick with you!
  • A skilled team of educators, makers, engineers, and rocket scientists (yes, it’s true!) put together each crate.
  • Quality design you can trust – over 1,000 hours are spent designing and testing each crate.
  • KiwiCo truly cares about delivering an awesome experience for kids and their families and this shines through in each crate they design, pack, and ship to you!

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Barbara Mazz

Saturday 25th of July 2020

This Kiwico maker kit I received is age 12 and up craft. Amazing craft box. Comes with the cutting matt, wood, canvas, paints, glue, stencil material, exactto type stencil knife, stencil paint brushes, choice of three different stencils,directions, pictures it is such a nice kit with high quality items you can use again. The cutting matt alone and stencil knife is work price of lit let alone the actual craft , this month a magazine/ book rack. Wow ! Love it!

Heather K

Monday 29th of June 2020

This looks fantastic and a lot of fun. Do you know if they or another company has a science kit for this age? I find it so difficult to find kits directed at the 12 and over age group.

Jennifer Reese

Friday 3rd of July 2020

I know I see stuff for little kids, but I would like to look at some choices for tweens and teens. I am glad I can look into this though.