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Glitter Votive Candle Craft

Glitter Votive Candle Craft

Looking for a super simple yet fun and stylish craft project? Then look no further! This is a great project for both kids and adults and makes a great DIY gift as welll.

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What You’ll Need

  • Votive candle holder
  • Battery operated light
  • Glue
  • Small bowl for glue
  • Paint brush
  • Tissue paper
  • Glitter

What to Do

Step 1: Pour some glue into a small bowl and brush the glue over the entire outside of the votive candle holder.


Step 2: Begin placing tissue paper on the votive.


Step 3: Continue placing tissue paper over the entire outside of the votive, overlapping and placing at different angles if desired. Once complete, brush glue over tissue paper to seal.


Step 4: With glue still wet, sprinkle glitter on (optional, but who doesn’t love glitter? Are we right?! 🙂 ). We chose a super fine glitter which gave it just the right amount of sparkle and glimmer. You could also apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to seal it all in.


Step 5: Add candle and enjoy!