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Kids love pattern play! Here’s a simple and affordable way to practice creating patterns that the kids will be sure to enjoy!

What you’ll need: Pipe cleaner and beads. That’s it! Easy, right? We used pony beads but you could also use Perler beads if you have them on hand or want something a little different. What we love about Perler beads is that the younger kids can use the biggie Perler beads while the older ones can use the smaller, standard Perler beads.


Step 1: Set aside a handful of beads and a couple of pipe cleaners to create an inviting invitation for play


Step 2: Bend one end of the pipe cleaner to keep the beads from falling off


Step 3: Start stringing! Ask the child if they can come up with a pattern using the included beads. You could always offer a suggestion if need be.

We like to pull out our beads and pipe cleaner when a little quiet time is in order, such as waiting for dinner, before nap time, or when Mom or Dad need to make a quick phone call!

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