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All About Reading GIVEAWAY – New Color Edition!

I have an amazing giveaway for you today! As you may know, we absolutely love the All About Reading curriculum from All About Learning Press and they recently released their new color edition which is stunning!!

all about reading review

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All About Reading GIVEAWAY – New Color Edition!

If you haven’t seen our full review of All About Reading, definitely check it out here.

You can also head directly to All About Learning to learn more about their program.

If you aren’t familiar with All About Reading, they present the concepts in such a way that it is not only easy for the students to understand but it is also easy and fun for the instructor to teach – a winning combination if you ask me!

I love that All About Reading is lightly-scripted and their “open and go” lessons make it so easy and stress-free.

all about reading review

All About Reading has one of, if not the best, teacher’s manuals. I love how clearly everything is laid out. Right away you’ll know what letters you will be working on, what the objective is, what you’ll need, and what to do before starting the lesson.

all about reading review

Very little prep work is needed before-hand. In fact, I don’t really set aside more than just a few minutes before starting the lesson to prepare. I love that!

In addition, the lessons are fun, colorful, and so engaging. 

all about reading review

With All About Reading, learning is truly made fun!

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We also really enjoyed the readers. The stories were short enough and engaging enough to keep Miss 5’s interest as she read and she felt so proud as she completed each story.

all about reading review

Dogs dust with dishcloths. How fun! These adorable readers will give your little readers lots of giggles!

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This All About Reading kit is available to purchase from All About Learning Press. They also offer a pre-reading level as well as levels 1-4. They even offer All About Spelling, if you’re looking to help your student become a proficient speller.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten you excited about this truly amazing curriculum, it’s time to share all the details on the giveaway! One lucky winner will receive their very own All About Reading level of their choice + an interactive kit if they don’t already have one. Fine print: All About Learning may elect to award an alternate prize of equal value if the winner resides outside the United States.

The giveaway has ended! Sarah R. is the winner. Congrats to Sarah and thank you to everyone who entered. Check back again for more great giveaways!

Please enter to win below.

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We were given this kit so that we could review it but as always, our opinions are 100% our own.

36 thoughts on “All About Reading Giveaway!”

  1. I haven’t used this program yet but have been considering it. Now that it’s in color, I want to get it even more!

  2. I have not used it before but am looking into it for my daughter and son who are struggling a bit and need more help!!

  3. I haven’t used All about reading before but heard great things about it from my friends. I would love to win this giveaway for my son who is struggling in learning reading.

  4. I used All About Reading when my 13 year old was learning to read. Now I’m looking into it for my 5 year old to use.

  5. I have tried out some of their free resources, and have been curious about the program but have not tried it yet

  6. Beth Blanchard

    I haven’t used this program before, but it looks fabulous. I think it could do great things for my youngest who is really struggling with reading.

  7. Such a great giveaway! I have not ever used All about Reading, but would love to add it to my homeschool curriculum!

  8. I’ve never used it before, but it looks like a fun program to learn with. My kiddos would enjoy some fun and engaging ways to learn to read!

  9. Judith Martinez

    I’m currently using the pre-reader curriculum and I really like it! It’s much nicer than anything else I used with my older kids.

  10. I would just love to give this a try with my daughter; I really think it’d be fun for the both of us.

  11. We just completed level 1 with my son. This is my first time teaching anyone to learn how to read and I love how simple this program made it. The stories are engaging, he looks forward to reading! So many readers we had picked up at the library or Bob books just didn’t hold his attention or required him to read words without actually teaching concepts. This program blew me away and I am so excited to be able to continue teaching my children and now in color!

  12. I have never used AAR before but I will be starting my homeschooling journey very soon and would LOVE to give it a go especially because I’ve heard such great things about it.

  13. Yes, I am using level one with my youngest son. And I have used all about spelling with three of my older sons.

  14. Love AAR and AAS. We’ve used 1 and 2, and are nearly through level 3. We would love to get the color version for 4!

  15. I can’t wait to start level one next year, we are doing pre reading level now I’ve been impressed how well my son is learning and can’t wait to continue. Do you use all about spelling too? And is that enough for an LA problem?

  16. I’ve never used AAR before, but I think it would be perfect for my hands-on daughter when she starts kindergarten this year!

  17. I haven’t used AAR before but I am intrigued by it with my 4th grade child. There seem to be several gaps in his reading.

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