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Using Pickles to Penguins to Build Language Skills

Using Pickles to Penguins to Build Language Skills

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How are a Beach Ball and a Dandelion Connected?

Check it out! All About Reading discovered a hilarious card game that you can play with your kids—and strengthen their language skills at the same time. Pickles to Penguins! is sure to become a new family favorite.

Pickles to Penguins! is known as “the quick-thinking, picture-linking game.”

Even though it is recommended for ages 8 and up, Pickles to Penguins! can be simplified to suit younger players. It also includes instructions for five alternate methods of playing, so this game will never get boring!

4 Ways to Build Language Skills with Pickles to Penguins!

  1. Build vocabulary.
  2. Learn to compare and contrast.
  3. Construct full sentences.
  4. Learn compound words.

Learn more about Pickles and Penguins here

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