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Thrive Market Haul + Exclusive 25% Off Coupon

Thrive Market Haul + Exclusive 25% Off Coupon

What Did I Buy from Thrive Market this Week?

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a Thrive Market Haul post so I thought it’d be fun to share the latest products I’ve discovered from my favorite online grocery store! If you’ve seen my previous posts, you know how much I love Thrive Market for its convenience, selection of products, and fantastic prices.

There’s also a 25% off coupon code below so be sure you check that out as well!

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This Week’s Thrive Market Haul

  • Thrive Market Bath Tissue – Made from bamboo and recycled materials. Unlike traditional toilet paper that’s made from trees, theirs is made with an eco-friendly blend of recycled pulp and fast-growing, renewable bamboo—which is naturally watered with rainwater and requires no pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Super soft and strong, each double roll is completely chlorine- and fragrance-free. Love it!

  • Schar Gluten-Free Pizza Crusts – The best-tasting gluten-free pizza crusts I’ve found! These are delicious when combined with some sauce, mozzarella cheese, ground beef, pineapples, or any other favorite toppings!

  • Nutiva refined coconut oil – I use this in baking and in the skillet to keep foods from sticking. I prefer refined (no coconut flavor or smell) and after you’ve emptied the jar, you can wash and reuse it as a durable drinking glass. I love pairing it with a glass straw (this is our favorite glass straw company).

  • Grapefruit Thyme Hand Soap – This soap works great and is made with organic ingredients. The scent isn’t too strong, so it’s perfect if you have a sensitive nose. Once the bottle is empty, I will refill it with my own castile soap and water.

  • Mushroom Ground Coffee Mix, Dark Roast – I have another variety from this brand and absolutely love it so I thought I’d branch out and try a new variety. From the site, it was noted that: Lion’s Mane is your brain’s best friend. Long used by Buddhist monks to help with focus during meditation, this beautiful mushroom is our modern-day favorite for getting creative. The energizing effects of Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Coffee (the coffee doesn’t taste like mushrooms!) are stabilized with their dual-extracted Chaga mushrooms that also help to support your daily immune functions. To enhance the chaga and lion’s mane, they added wild rhodiola root, an adaptogen known as ‘the golden root’, making this their most creative cup of coffee yet.

  • Botanical Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner, Lemon – This cleaner has a stronger smell than I’d ideally like but when I need something to really be disinfected, I reach for this instead of harsh toxic cleaners.

  • Adaptogen Coffee, Medium Roast, Ground – Another variety to try from a brand I love!

  • Dr. Bronners Lip Balm – Peppermint – Made with organic beeswax to protect against cold, wind, and dry weather. With organic jojoba, avocado, and hemp oil for extra moisturization. This is my go-to lip balm. They also have an unscented variety that the kids prefer. It’s much cheaper to purchase this from Thrive Market than Target, which is where I was purchasing it before.

  • Organic Taco Seasoning – I add half a packet of this to each batch of ground beef while cooking and it makes the beef taste amazing!

  • Organic Coco Aminos – We love adding this to rice and veggies. I had been purchasing a giant bottle from Costco but it’s just too heavy for the little ones to use so I thought a smaller bottle might be a bit more manageable for them.

  • Aloha Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars – it’s difficult to find a healthy protein bar for on-the-go but this looks like a decent one to have every now and then.

Previous Products I’ve Purchased from Thrive Market

  • Mini Chocolate Chips Snack Pack – These snack packs are perfect to put in pinatas! We love having a pinata at birthday parties but don’t want to stuff it with artificially flavored or sugar-overloaded candies. Enjoy Live chocolate chips are free of major allergens like gluten, dairy, soy, sulfites, peanuts, and tree nuts.
  • Organic Premium Fruit Spread, Concord Grape – Miss 7 loves this fruit spread and I love that the ingredients are healthier than those found in most supermarkets.

How Long Until Your Order Arrives

When something that I regularly purchase from Thrive Market starts to run low at home, I add it to my Thrive Market cart.

Then, once I qualify for a free product (they often offer full-size products), I place my order. About three days later, my box arrives. 🙂

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Do you regularly purchase from Thrive Market? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comment section below! Click here for more deals and freebies.

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