Save 20% at Hazel Village – Coupon Code Inside!

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Save 20% at Hazel Village – Coupon Code Inside!

Oh, Hazel Village, how we love you! Your adorable animals + dolls (and outfits – don’t even get me started on those!!) melt our hearts and those personalized hearts you stitch on so lovingly – too much!! And don’t forget those ADORABLE blog posts about all the fun happenings in Hazel Village town.

Seriously, if you don’t own a Hazel Village doll or animal – you should! 😉

Hazel Village has given me a personalized coupon code that will give you 20% off your purchase (they recently upped it from 10% -yay!!). Woohoo!! After you check out their site, don’t forget to come back here and tell me which is your favorite (or favorites).

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3 thoughts on “Save 20% at Hazel Village – Coupon Code Inside!”

    1. I’m sorry to hear the coupon code isn’t working. I would suggest trying again and if it still doesn’t work, I would email Hazel Village and let them know you were trying to use a referral code and then give them this link: http://hazelvillage.refr.cc/dana10

      They are very helpful and I am sure will be able to get you that discount if it is still giving you an issue today. 🙂

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