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Miss Maisy’s Tasty Treats: Monthly Letter Subscription

Miss Maisy’s Tasty Treats: Monthly Letter Subscription

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Looking for a fun way to learn about the world, one culinary-themed letter at a time? If so, Miss Maisy’s Tasty Treats monthly subscription is for you! This monthly subscription (you won’t believe how reasonably priced it is!!) will give you insight into a different location each month. To learn more about this fun subscription for kids, please continue reading below.

What is Miss Maisy’s Tasty Travels?

Each month, you’ll receive one letter and a meal’s worth of index cards from “Maisy,” describing her adventures in making new friends, discovering new traditions, and tasting the best that each has to offer.

Each letter is truly a work of art!

Miss Maisy’s Tasty Travels is a beautiful and fun way to learn about the world – one tasty treat at a time!

You can easily add more to each letter by researching the cultures of that area or the history of the foods. Or, you can keep it simple and simply enjoy reading the letter and making the meal from the recipe cards.

Here are a few letters subscribers have received in the past, to give you an example of what you can expect:

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Featured Image
  • November 2018 – New England
  • December 2018 – Strasbourg, France
  • January 2019 – Edinburgh, Scotland
  • February 2019 – Guangzhou, China
  • March 2019 – Ireland
  • April 2019 – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • May 2019 – Tuscany, Italy
  • June 2019 – Lampang, Thailand
  • July, 2019 – Manaus, Brazil
  • August, 2019 – Windsor, England

If you’d like to learn more about Miss Maisy’s Tasty Travels, or to subscribe (the price is very affordable), visit their page here.

Subscribe to Miss Maisy’s Tasty Travels here

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Melody J Bloom

Tuesday 1st of December 2020

To whom it may concern: Each month my Miss Maisy's letters are arriving late and as of today I have been charged for November's letter but still have not received it! Hopefully bringing this to your attention corrects this problem as I have truly enjoyed the previous letters and do not want to cancel my subscription. Please respond! Thank you Melody

The Art Kit

Friday 4th of December 2020

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. I would suggest contacting them directly here.