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FREE! Life Skills for Kids Online Camp

FREE! Life Skills for Kids Online Camp

No time to waste, sign up for the FREE Life Skills Kids Online Camp now.

If your kids are anxious for summer to begin, I have the BEST solution for you!

Life Skills Now Summer Camp just released THREE early access workshops that we can use right away to start teaching our kids life skills and building their confidence.

It’s all online so you can watch these no matter where you are!

I am SO excited about this!!

life skills camp for kids online free summit

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Check this out:

  1. Building a Pasta Salad Bar. This is fun for ALL ages. Channel your kids’ creativity in the kitchen to build an easy summer lunch or dinner that fits alllll the family preferences OR a great party theme so you can have people over without stress. 
  2. What’s Under the Hood? Checking fluids in your car might not be flashy, but it’s important! Kids will love learning from laid-back Sam as he teaches two teens what they’re seeing under the hood of Mom’s van and how to tell when your vehicle needs an oil change. 
  3. Coping Skills for Kids. From a mini imagination vacation to the right way to breathe, counselor Janine Halloran will help kids learn skills to manage big emotions like anger, sadness, and worry. 

Can I admit that I’m looking forward to learning from these (and the 80+ other workshops) as much as my kids? 

It’s Not Too Late for Life Skills

If you haven’t signed up for the #LifeSkillsNow Summer Camp, it’s not too late!

What you get from the Camp:

  • FREE access to over 80 workshops for kids ages 5-18
  • 100% online July 9-11.
  • Tracks include Finances, Entrepreneurship, Home Management (cooking, gardening, chores, and more), Independent Basics (regulating emotions, making a phone call, etc), Career & Future, and 3 tracks for parents (Parent Professional Development, Preschool Parents, Neurodiverse Families Parent track)
  • If you wish your kids would eat better, find their calm, and grow into the next generation of leaders – the parent tracks have what you need!
  • Prizes, freebies, and more!

Don’t delay, sign up today!

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