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Washi Tape (or Glitter Tape!) Blocks {Easy DIY}

Washi Tape (or Glitter Tape!) Blocks {Easy DIY}

Looking to spruce up your plain wooden blocks? Just add glitter tape or washi tape and you can easily create one-of-a-kind blocks!

washi tape blocks the art kit

What You’ll Need


What to Do

  • Choose the blocks you’d like to decorate. We chose our plain wooden blocks and some jenga blocks
  • Pull about two inches of tape off the roll (but don’t cut it off just yet!).
  • Start placing the tape on the blocks, gradually pulling more tape off the roll as you go.
  • Cut the tape from the roll once the tape reaches back to the starting point on the block.


  • Press firmly on the tape to ensure it is properly adhered to the block.
  • Repeat steps on additional blocks.
  • Enjoy!


What Else?

  • Turn this into an educational activity by asking your child to create a tower with only the blue blocks, or ask them to stack the blocks by creating a pattern (blue block, yellow block, blue block, yellow block, etc.).


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