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Glitter Tape Coverplate Overhaul {Easy DIY!}

Glitter Tape Coverplate Overhaul {Easy DIY!}

Looking to spruce up your light switch covers? Then you must try this easy, no mess DIY (and BONUS- it can be customized to fit your home’s color scheme).

glitter tape coverplate

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This would be a great project for the little one’s room or just about anywhere you’d like a custom look. It’s like wallpaper for your light switches, only better!

What You’ll Need:

Light switch cover

Glitter tape



What to Do:

Gather your supplies

Remove light switch cover from wall. Quick tip: You may need to score the wall where it meets the light switch cover to prevent peeling paint.

Begin to cover light switch cover with glitter tape, pressing firmly as you go.

As you go, trim the excess tape from the middle, leaving about 1/4″ to wrap behind. Quick tip: Cut diagonal lines in the tape to allow for smooth folds.

Once the light switch cover has been covered completely and edges trimmed and tucked behind, push the screws in to punch holes and attach back on to wall.

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