8 Super fun indoor toys and activities for active kids

8 Super Fun Indoor Toys for Active Kids

It’s so important for kids to stay active and get outside but for those times you can’t get outside, it’s nice to have a few fun indoor activities for the kids to burn off all that energy. Today we’re sharing eight of our personal favorite toys for active kids to use indoors. To see all the fun, please continue reading below.

8 Super fun indoor toys and activities for active kids

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8 Super Fun Indoor Toys for Active Kids

1. Wavee Board – we purchased this for Miss 2’s 2nd birthday. She is very active and has been trying to slide off sofa arms lately which was making nervous! So, I decided to give this popular toy a try. Since buying it, this board has been played with non-stop. Miss 5 and Miss 7 have been enjoying it as well and have used it as a seesaw, slide, bench, stool, car ramp, and dolly bed. It is so versatile and great for nurturing little imaginations – well worth the price we paid.

2. Gonge River Stones – the kids absolutely love these and use them on the rug to play “hot lava” – you know, that fun game where there’s imaginary hot lava all around and the only way to get around is by hopping from one safe zone to another. We’ve even use these to sort ball pit balls to practice our colors.

3. Trampoline – we’ve owned our trampoline for two years now and it has been a favorite in our house since then. The kids used to jump on their mattresses before they had bunk beds, so when we switched to the new beds, I wanted to get something that they could use to get all their jumping beans out. I love that two kids can use it at one time too. Miss 2 likes it hold on to the handle, tuck her feet in, and swing. Such a great toy!

4. Hopping Ball – this was a birthday gift for Miss 7 awhile back from Grandma and Grandpa and she loves it! It’s similar to my yoga ball but what I love about this hopping ball is that it is kid-sized and has a handle. She loves to hop around the house and also sit on it at the desk when working on schoolwork.

5. Rody Horse – We have a couple of these and the girls like to have races with them. They’re available in just about every color of the rainbow and are great for strengthening leg muscles and building core strength. You can even purchase different bases to turn it into a rocker or a wheeled horse. How fun!

6. BeatBelle – the kids absolutely love this musical toy! It comes with multiple songs/games but one of their favorites is the freeze game. Even when Miss 2 was about 15-18 months old, she knew to freeze when it said “freeze.” Such a fun toy and the perfect item for all those living room dance parties.

7. Play Silks – we absolutely love play silks! We have several different colors and patterns and use them for everything from doll blankets and canopies to dresses and small world play. Tie on a silk and suddenly you’re a fast running speed racer zooming from room to room!

8. Gonge Activity Rings – these flexible rings are great to use for so many things, such as twirling on arms, color sorting, jumping into, ring toss, and so on.



Well, that’s a wrap! We hope you discovered a few new favorites. What are your favorite indoor toys for active kids?

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8 Super fun indoor toys and activities for active kids

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