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12 Fun Tools for Water Exploration {Fun Toys for Kids!}

12 Fun Tools for Water Exploration

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Kids love water! Whether it is time spent in the pool, jumping in puddles, or dancing in the rain, kids love playing in and with water. Continue reading to see our list of 12 fun tools for water exploration.

1. Water Pipes

These are so fun for water play in the bathtub! The water pipes suction to the side of the bathtub and can be used individually or combined and used to create a longer chain. Each pipe is unique and allows the water to flow through differently. The bright colors are fun and the design of the pipes ensures the water stays in the bathtub, not on the floor. We love this one as much as the kids!


Water Exploration Tools for Kids by The Art Kit Blog2. Water Table

We have had a water table for years and it has consistently been one of our favorite toys. We had a smaller water table for years but last summer we decided we were due for an upgrade and purchased the Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table. It is absolutely adorable and is large enough to accommodate a few little ones but not too big that it takes up too much space if you have a small patio. Another feature that we really like about this water table is that it has a drain on the bottom that allows the water to drain, unlike our previous table, which was made for sand and water. Although our other water table had a plug on the water side, the sand side didn’t, and let’s be honest, if you have little ones, if one side has water, the other side will eventually end up with water too! This water table is solely for water, which was a big selling point for us. 
Water Exploration Tools for Kids by The Art Kit Blog

3. Silicone Molds

Silicone molds are so fun, especially when paired with pipettes and a bowl of water. The kids love to fill each cavity with water using scoopers and pipettes. This is a great activity for improving motor skills as well. We understand that this is such a simple activity but believe us on this, the kids will have a blast! These lego silicone molds are really fun but there are so many different styles available that you can easily find something geared towards the particular interests of your child.

Water Exploration Tools for Kids by The Art Kit Blog

4. Pipettes

Definitely one of our favorite water tools for kids! Not only are pipettes fun but they are great for improving motor skills as well. These are great for transferring water just about anywhere, from the water table to the bathtub and everywhere in between!

Water Exploration Tools for Kids by The Art Kit Blog


5. Twisty Droppers

In case your little one wants to transfer a little more water at a time than the pipettes can do, these are great! And the twisty shape and fun colors? Who could resist! We definitely love these as well as the pipettes for water transfer.

Water Exploration Tools for Kids by The Art Kit Blog


6. Beakers and Test Tubes

If you’re playing with water, beakers and test tubes are a must! We picked up a science lab kit from Learning Resources a couple years ago and it has been a hit ever since!

Water Exploration Tools for Kids by The Art Kit Blog


7. Funnels

Kids love funnels! They’re also great for hand eye coordination. We’ve been using the funnel that came in the Learning Resources science kit and it’s just the perfect size for the kids!


8. Scoopers

A bowl of water and a scooper- something so basic but another tool kids love! These scoopers are so colorful and fun and are perfect for little hands.

Water Exploration Tools for Kids by The Art Kit Blog


9. Sponges

Sponges are great for water exploration. How much water can the sponge hold? Can you squeeze all the water from the sponge? Something so simple that can keep a little one’s attention for so long and help improve motor skills as well.

Water Exploration Tools for Kids by The Art Kit Blog


11. Color Fizz Tablets

Color fizz tablets are great for exploring color in water. The kids absolutely love these fizzing tablets and would use the entire container in one afternoon if they could! These making learning about color mixing and water exploration so much fun!

Water Exploration Tools for Kids by The Art Kit Blog

12. Water Beads

If you haven’t experienced water beads, you must! They are great for sensory play and are just so fun to scoop, sort, and pour. They start out tiny and then once they are placed in water, they grow and become a bit squishy, which is really fun for the kids.

Water Exploration Tools for Kids by The Art Kit Blog

We’d love to see pictures of your little ones enjoying playing with their tools for water exploration. Share with us on social media #theartkit.

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Water Exploration Tools for Kids by The Art Kit Blog



Saturday 13th of August 2016

We absolutely love our water table and water beads at this house! I should let mine combine the two and put water beads in her table! But, usually we use water beads on rainy days and the table on hot days.

Do you guys have favorite sprinklers or water guns? We've had the best lucky with cheapo guns. We also had the geyser blast sprinkler off amazon and we're NOT a fan.

The Art Kit

Thursday 25th of August 2016

We don't normally combine the two either but we tried it a couple weeks ago and it was really fun! We normally buy the cheapo water guns too but we bought a couple small Nerf water guns a few years ago and they have held up really well!