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Limited Time: Notebooking Pages Sale!

Limited Time: Notebooking Pages Sale!


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NotebookingPages.com LIFETIME Membership Sale

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But what is notebooking and why is it important?

10 Benefits of Notebooking

1) Engages your child in his learning… notebooking requires a child to put what he’s learned into his own words and/or pictures

2) No longer dependent or tied down to a curriculum or resource… use notebooking for any study or experience, with your favorite curriculum or without

3) Encourages delight-directed learning… kids can choose topics that interest them or use notebooking to complete studies in their own way

4) Doesn’t limit learning to prepackaged answers… kids get to show what they learned and can be as creative (or not creative) as they want

5) Language arts is woven into notebooking… grammar, spelling, and writing skills are practiced naturally in notebooking

6) Creates confident writers without the tears… kids work and progress at their own level starting with copying parts of their own oral narrations

7) Provides instant documentation of learning… the growing notebook speaks for itself

8) Notebooks are a great review tool… kids enjoy reflecting on their notebooks and sharing what they’ve learned

9) Notebooks are a homeschool keepsake… the collection of notebooks is a tangible, nostalgic representation of the home learning journey

10) Builds skills for lifelong learning… notebooking builds active listening, effective communication, and deeper thinking skills.

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