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Dr. Seuss Learning Library Books: Review

Dr. Seuss Learning Library Books: Review

Are you looking for a fun way to learn about a variety of topics? Are you looking for fun readers your children will enjoy reading? I recently stumbled across the Dr. Seuss Learning Library Books and they are AMAZING!

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I’ve learned so much and so have the children. There’s just enough rhyming to make learning fun but not too much that your tongue hurts two pages into the book.

My first introduction to these wonderful books was through the book There’s No Place Like Space.

It was such an easy and fun read and the kids and I learned SO much about space. I was hooked and so were they!

So, off I went to research if there were any others like it and I was so happy to discover that there were!! And not just one or two but an entire set of 20 books.

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After pricing out what it would cost to purchase the books individually versus as a boxed set, I was happy to discover that the boxed set would save me about half of what the individual books would cost me.

When those books arrived at my door, oh happy day!

I haven’t read every single one of the books yet but of the ones I’ve read, I have been very happy!

Just look at the message in one of them. Love it!!

If you have children, you need these books. They are educational, exciting, and just downright fun to read.

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