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Daddy and Me {Shrink Art Keychain}

Daddy and Me {Shrink Art Keychain}

Looking for an easy DIY gift idea for Father’s Day? This would be perfect to use for just about any gift, really! This shrink art keychain is a great way to bring a little bit of your kiddo’s artwork with you everywhere you go. Read on to see how easy these are to make (and why you’ll want to make an extra one or two for yourself 🙂 ).

daddy and me shrinky dink art the art kit

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What You’ll Need

Shrink film or this bundle which includes jump rings and a small hole punch (also known as shrinky dinks or shrink fun sheets)

Colored pencils

Scissors and object to use as template or large hole punch

Small hole punch

Jump ring

Aluminum foil

Cookie sheet



daddy and me shrinky dink art the art kit

What to Do

1. Use a large hole punch, an object as a template, or free hand a shape on the shrink film to create the shape that will be used to draw the self-portrait on and eventually become a keychain. Keep in mind that once baked, the shape will shrink to about half its size.

daddy and me shrinky dink art the art kit

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2. Cut your shape out from the shrink film.

3. Have your child draw a picture of themselves on the cut-out shape. Depending on the brand used, your film may have a rough side and a smooth side; if so, be sure to draw on the rough side only.

4. Punch a small hole at the top of the design; this will be where the jump ring will be inserted after baking. Leave enough room between the edge of the shape and the hole, keeping in mind that the shape will shrink once baked.

5. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

6. Line your cookie sheet with aluminum foil and place shapes about 3” apart.

7. Bake for 1-3 minutes, watching carefully. Shapes will curl and bend but do not remove from oven until they are flat.

8. Once flat, remove from oven and allow to cool.

9. Attach a jump ring into the punched hole (rather than pulling the jump ring open, twist it open). Dab a bit of glue at the seam of the jump ring to ensure it stays closed.

daddy and me shrinky dink art the art kit

10. Wrap up and gift to Dad!

Variation Idea: Give Dad a mini photo of child instead of a self-portrait. Take a photo of your child and print it out on the shrink film. Then, simply cut around photo, punch a hole on top, and bake. Attach jump ring and gift to Dad!

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