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Banish Picky Eating!

Banish Picky Eating!

You know that feeling after you’ve spent hours working hard on dinner and then the kids (or even another adult in our house) have nothing nice to say about it? ☹️

My friend Katie Kimball has asked thousands of people this question:

Picky Eating Square

If you had one wish from a genie in a bottle just for your kitchen, what would you wish for?

The most common answer by far?

“I just want my kids to eat what I make!”

(And yes, there’s a slight variation where the word “kids” is “family”… I bet you can guess what that means!)

Katie took all those answers, along with thousands more about picky eating challenges at the dinner table, and distilled them down to five new habits that will make the biggest difference for the highest number of families.

This is dynamite, friend, pure gold!

Crazy thing is, she’s delivering them totally free and promising it will only take 30 minutes a day for you to catch on. 😀

Reserve your spot right this second for the No More Picky Eating Challenge: A Free 5-day Dinner Table Transformation to Banish Power Struggles in 30 Minutes a Day!

What’s a challenge?

Rather than drinking from the fire hose of information at an hour-long webinar with an hour Q&A, you’ll get:

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…invited into a community of other parents struggling with the same struggles…

… short bits of teaching in 30 minutes a day or less…

…One. Action. Step. per day!

This girl knows parenting.

And as a mom of four and former third-grade teacher as well as the founder of the Wall Street Journal’s #1 recommended online cooking course for kids, she’s someone I turn to when my child won’t eat the salad or wants cupcakes for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner)!

Her picky eating solution process has given 1000s of families results and more peace at the dinner table, and it’s even more doable as a one-step-a-day challenge!

Grab Your Spot

A child trying a new food on their own is a DREAM for parents of selective eaters…let’s shoot for that dream together starting this month!

PS – If you’re ready to banish picky eating and find more peace at the dinner table, the No More Picky Eating Challenge is for you! [Just 30 minutes a day to make a huge impact.]

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