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NEW Bald Eagle Unit Study: Printable for Kids

NEW Bald Eagle Unit Study: Printable for Kids

Learn all about the bold and beautiful Bald Eagle in this fun Nature Study that includes activities for the whole family! This unit includes 80+ pages of beautiful posters, worksheets, STEM & play activities, nature journaling, and even a fun recipe!

This is an in-depth, all-ages unit study!

Here’s more on what’s included:

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  • Eagle Range & Mapping Activity
  • Eagle Life Cycle – Poster, 3-part cards, wheel, worksheets & make your own flashcards
  • Eagle Anatomy Posters, Flashcards, worksheets
  • Eagle Habitat and food web
  • Wing Anatomy Poster and Labeling Activities
  • Eagle Nest Poster & Writing Activity
  • Taxonomy & Classification Posters & worksheet
  • Eagle Play Mat Activity
  • Eagle coloring pages
  • Eagle Nature Journal
  • June Bird & Nest Sighting Logs
  • Eagle Book List & Extension Activities
  • Bird Nest Cake Recipe
  • STEM flight activity

Each Bird of the Month unit contains a special nature journal filled with 20+ pages covering habitat, sounds, flight, geography, and so much more for older explorers.

Each Bird of the Month unit brings forth a different special characteristic of that month’s bird. In this unit, the focus is on flight. How bird flight inspired human flight in airplanes and how each type of bird wing is different and unique!

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Order this book to go along with your Bald Eagle printable pack! The kids will love it! 🐝💕

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