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Learn about the World, One Letter at a Time: Letters from Afar Subscription – Review

Learn about the World, One Letter at a Time: Letters from Afar Subscription- Review

Looking for a fun way to learn about the world, one letter at a time? If so, Letters from Afar is for you! This monthly subscription (you won’t believe how reasonably priced it is!!) will give you insight into a different city each month. To learn more about this fun subscription for kids, please continue reading below.

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What is Letters from Afar?

Each month, you’ll receive a letter from Isabelle (based on the 19th-century female explorer, Isabella Bird). Isabella was an English explorer, writer, photographer, and naturalist who traveled the globe from a young age well into her 60s. Isabella was known for her descriptive letters to home telling of her travels.

What Cities Will you Learn About?

Something I love about Letters from Afar is that one month we will receive a letter from a very well known city, while another month we may learn about a city we’ve never heard of. And, every destination Isabelle explores is thoroughly researched before composing the letters to ensure facts are correct.

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What You’ll Receive

Each month you will receive a letter that has been drawn, painted, and written as an original work of art. A typical letter will feature a map of the region accompanied by illustrations and imagery. Next, copies are made onto 100% recycled paper. Eco-friendly materials are an important factor to this business, especially being mail based. Wherever possible, recycled materials are used – including a couple of collectible vintage stamps tucked away inside the envelope! 

Each letter is truly a work of art!

Letters from Afar is a beautiful and fun way to learn about the world.

If you’d like to learn more about Letters from Afar, or to subscribe (the price is very affordable), visit their page here.

Subscribe to Letters from Afar here

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