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Best Headsets for Homeschool Students: AVID Review

Best Headsets for Homeschool Students: AVID Review

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Looking for the best headsets for homeschool students? Look no further! AVID offers the best value headsets for students!

Not only are they well-made and ultra-comfortable, but they’re safe too!

To learn more about AVID headsets for students and snag a coupon, please continue reading below!

Best headsets for homeschool students avid review

Why We Love AVID Headsets

We love that AVID headsets are safe, durable, and provide great value!

For the price, nothing beats the safety and quality of an AVID headset!

Miss 8 thought they were very comfortable, offered clear sound, and loved that the microphone was easy to use! I loved that it was easy to adjust the volume and appreciated the fit of the headset. We found them very user-friendly – definitely a plus for any techie or non-techie family!

I was shocked at the price! For the features and comfort level – I was certain the price would be higher. I was pleasantly surprised at the price points of their products!

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I highly recommend AVID to anyone!

avid headsets review the art kit 4

AVID Headsets Features and Benefits

  • Their headsets are super comfortable!
  • They’re safe for children and adults.
  • They offer many different headsets to choose from to best suit your needs.
  • AVID headsets offer reliable, safe, and high-quality noise-canceling microphones.
  • AVID headsets offer homeschoolers a quiet space to focus on their studies.
  • AVID offers many additional products besides headsets, such as headphones, earbuds, earphones, and audio accessories.
avid headsets review the art kit 4

More About AVID

  • They are a US-based company in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • They are a 30-person employee-owned company.
  • They have been in business since 1953.
  • They offer a free headset recycling program – how neat is that?!
  • They value safety – all of their products are as safe as possible, including Prop-65 and RoHS compliant.
avid headsets review the art kit 2
avid headsets review the art kit 6

Check out our Video of AVID Headsets!

Click the video below to see our video of AVID headsets on our Instagram page.

avid headsets review the art kit 4

AVID Headsets We Personally Have and Love

The headsets we own and have shown in the photos throughout this review are:

  • AE-55 USB 2.0 Headset with Boom Mic
    • Feature padded, tilting earpieces that offer exceptional comfort, a tailored fit, and superior noise reduction.
    • Beyond the excellent speakers and convenient connectors, they also feature a noise-canceling microphone and a full 270-degree microphone rotation for a custom fit.
  • AE-36 USB-C Headset with Boom Mic
    • Mid-sized earpads balance coverage and fit well, accommodating a wider range of head and ear sizes.
    • A lightweight design is more comfortable for extended listening sessions, as they reduce the pressure and fatigue that can come with heavier headphones.
    • Reliable and consistent sound quality, making them ideal for testing and assessments in school, work, and home environments.
    • A noise-canceling microphone minimizes surrounding noise to properly capture even the quietest of speakers.
avid headsets review the art kit 4

Where to Purchase AVID Headsets

You can purchase AVID headsets directly from their website. They offer FREE SHIPPING on orders $20+.

They also provided us with a coupon code to share with you! Use code HOMESCHOOL for 20% off. Expires July 31, 2024. 

Click here to shop now.

avid coupon code

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the best headsets for homeschool students
Best headsets for homeschool students