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Biblical Archaeology: Homeschool Curriculum for High Schoolers + A Giveaway!

Biblical Archaeology: Homeschool Curriculum for High Schoolers + A Giveaway!

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Looking for a biblical archaeology historical science course for your high school students?

Learn about what life was like in the past, learn about the early development of the alphabet, discover ancient tombs and the fascinating architecture and history of the pyramids, dive into a deeper understanding of the history of the small nation of Israel, and so much more!

Your student will be captivated by the books included in the Biblical Archaeology Curriculum Pack.

masterbooks review elementary history homeschool

For over four decades, Master Books has been more than just a publisher; it’s been a trusted partner for many throughout their homeschooling journey. Their commitment to weaving faith into education has not only enriched our children’s academic pursuits but also deepened their relationship with God.

To learn more about this fascinating book set from Master Books, as well as enter a giveaway, please continue reading below!

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Which Books Are Included in Biblical Archaeology?

In Biblical Archaeology, we dove into the biblical lands as we discovered sites, artifacts, and history. We loved the colorful photographs and engaging text.

The curriculum pack includes:

  • Bible Archaeology (Teacher Guide)
  • The Archaeology Book
  • Unwrapping the Pharaohs
  • Unveiling the Kings of Israel

Plus, did you know they offer mugs and tumblers? Check out their tumbler here!

Take a Look Inside The Teacher’s Guide:

I absolutely loved the Teacher Guide! It includes:

  • Suggested weekly and daily schedules
  • Quizzes and tests
  • Answer keys for worksheets, quizzes, and tests
  • Worksheets for each chapter
best Christian curriculum
best christian curriculum

Take a Look Inside The Archaeology Book:

I love that this book offers three different options for different grade levels!

You’ll learn about archaeology, the land of Egypt, Persia, Babylon, Petra, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and so much more!

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  • Level one includes all the text on a yellow background and is geared towards 5th to 6th grades.
  • Level two includes all text on a blue/gray background and is geared towards 7th to 8th grades.
  • Level three includes text on a white background and is geared towards 9th to 11th grades.
masterbooks review
bible based homeschool curriculum 2
masterbooks review
masterbooks review

Unwrapping the Pharaohs

This book includes gorgeous maps, a free download, and covers subjects such as:

  • Pyramids and mummies
  • The lost pyramid
  • Rameses the Great
  • The Mysterious Kyksos
  • The Greatest of All Pharaohs
  • And much more
bible based homeschool curriculum 2
bible based homeschool curriculum 2

A Look Inside Unveiling the Kings of Israel

This book includes gorgeous color photographs, maps, and will take you on a journey through:

  • Sinai Peninsula
  • Mankind’s Ancestors
  • Crossing the Jordan
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Much more!
master books review
bible based homeschool curriculum 2
bible based homeschool curriculum 2

Why I Love Master Books

One of the things I love most about Master Books is their unwavering dedication to infusing biblical truths into every subject. From math to science, history to language arts, each lesson is a beautiful tapestry where academic learning seamlessly intertwines with spiritual growth.

What sets Master Books apart is their eclectic approach to education. Drawing from years of homeschooling experience, they’ve crafted a curriculum that embraces the best of various teaching methods and philosophies. Whether your child thrives in a traditional setting or prefers hands-on learning, Master Books provides the flexibility to tailor education to your child’s unique needs and interests.

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Check out our Video of Master Books!

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Where to Buy Master Books

Master Books offers activity books, audiobooks, homeschool curriculum sorted by grade level and subject, and more. They also offer a “look inside” option on each item’s page, offering a generous digital sample of what you’ll find inside the book, making it easy to get a feel of what the book truly looks like because there is nothing more frustrating than trying to order books online without really knowing what you’re getting. 

I love that Master Books makes it easy to purchase biblical homeschool curriculum from anywhere!

If you’d like to stress less, save time, and infuse more joy into the time you spend educating your children, I highly recommend you look at Master Books today! I love that they’re very affordable, too! 

Click here to learn more and begin your homeschooling adventure filled with faith, joy, and endless possibilities. 🦋 

Enter for a chance to win a FREE online course from Master Books Academy! *Maximum retail prize value is $89.95

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masterbooks review elementary history homeschool