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Win Starbucks Coffee + Play-Doh Set!

In our house, a new set of playdough means hours of entertainment. Now imagine what you could do with a few hours to yourself while the little ones are happily occupied with playdough. Sip on some warm coffee or tea? Maybe while reading that book you’ve had on your side table for 7 years?

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Win Free Starbucks Coffee or Tea + a New Play-Doh Set for the Kids!

Kids love playdough. It gets those imaginative juices going and it’s so beneficial for working all those little hand muscles. Not to mention it’s an easy way to keep the kids happily entertained for hours.

What better way to spend the morning or afternoon than sipping on a warm cup of coffee or tea while the little ones enjoy a new Play-Doh set?

One lucky reader will get to enjoy all this, courtesy of The Art Kit!

Fine print: the winner will receive a Starbucks gift card sent directly to their email and will also receive this fun playdough set (or a comparable one if that one is not available at time of fulfillment) shipped directly from Amazon. Woo-hoo!!

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UPDATE: This giveaway has ended! Riley R. – you are the winner! Please contact us with your mailing information and email address so we can send out your prizes. A huge thank you to everyone who entered!! Don’t forget to check out our other current deals + giveaways here.

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87 thoughts on “Win Starbucks Coffee + Playdough!”

  1. Creme Frappuccino is generally my thing as I don’t drink coffee, and right now I am dairy-, soy-, and nut-free for a nursing little one, and some of the drinks just don’t work as well with the coconut milk, but a couple of those Frappuccinos do! Mmmmm…

    1. I love Early Grey too! I used to drink it all the time with a bit of whole milk and sugar. Yum! 🙂

  2. I have the kid addicted to Starbucks too! They like the hot chocolate and vanilla steamer! My drink is a short caramel macchiato.

  3. Starbucks Hazelnut Latte and Vanilla Chai Latte with almond or coconut milk with stevia, are my fave two coffees! This would be awesome!

  4. I like peppermint tea and constant comment. But, most days I drink coffee with a little milk. (Boring, also.)

  5. OneLuckeyWife

    Going to pass this along to my sister. She loves coffee and works for corporate Starbucks so she definitely know her coffee.

  6. Heather Sullivan

    This is so perfect!!! My house survives on Starbucks and playdough, I love this idea so much!!

  7. My go to is a Trenta iced coffee with 3 pumps of White Chocolate Mocha! The regular is 7 pumps but it’s way to sweet for me.

  8. Celeste HERRIN

    The entry form is not working for me at all. I tried from three different browsers and after I put my email in it just goes back for me to put my email in again. Not sure if anyone else is getting it to work?

    1. Hmm, I’m not sure why it did that. Was there an extra space at the end of the email address? Were you able to get it to work? We’ve received thousands of entries so far and I haven’t heard of that issue but I can look into it.

  9. I love their java chip frappachinos and haven’t tried anything else there, but my favorite go to coffee drink right now is a mocha latte

  10. I love coffee, and usually drink it black at home. When we go out for coffee I’ll get a vanilla latte or something ice blended and delicious. Really I can go for almost any coffee, any time.

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