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Win a Handee Band Family Pack {Valued at $49.95}!

I’ve teamed up with Handee Band to bring you a fantastic giveaway! Handee Band is a stretchy fitness band for kids that comes with an adorable fitness kit. If you have kids, this is a must-have! It is our favorite way to get those wiggles out. To learn more about this fantastic fitness kit for kids and how you can win your very own, please continue reading below.

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What is Included in a Handee Band Family Kit?

The Family Pack includes:

1 Handee Band Exercise Kit (including: 15 Handee illustrated exercises with easy to follow 5-step directions, reusable dry erase Handee checklist, to track progress, 1 dry erase Handee marker16 stickers of each Handee Band character, to have fun with when taking a break from exercise, 1 Handee Band spinner board game, it makes choosing which exercise to do a sinch! Simply take a turn, “flick” and when the spinner lands, it will “pick” the exercise.)

4 Handee Bands (Each Handee Band is 4 feet long x 5 1/2″ wide (6 lb Resistance Band with hand prints printed on the band)

32 Meet the Gang Stickers

Keep it all organized and make it easy for  yourself by putting everything in this Family Pack in the vinyl bag at the back of your Handee Band Exercise Kit.  

Why is the Handee Band Beneficial for Kids?

Handee Band was created by Francesca, a pediatric OT who was looking for a creative way to engage the children in her clinic in upper-body/core strengthening and play. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she decided to make it herself.

As a result, Handee Band was born – an exercise kit for children aged 3-7 and up.

Handee Band Review: fitness band exercises for kids designed by an occupational therapist #ot #fitnessforkids #exerciseforkids #handeeband #review #fitnessband #theartkit
Handee Band Review: fitness band exercises for kids designed by an occupational therapist #ot #fitnessforkids #exerciseforkids #handeeband #review #fitnessband #theartkit
Handee Band Review: fitness band exercises for kids designed by an occupational therapist #ot #fitnessforkids #exerciseforkids #handeeband #review #fitnessband #theartkit

The graphics are so fun and I love how enouraging the book is.

The kids have been having SO.MUCH.FUN with the Handee Band. They even made up a few of their own exercises. And, thanks to Miss 8’s love of Little House on the Prairie, she turned the Handee Band into horse reins and her and Miss 5 have been playing horse all over the living room the past several days.

I love that Handee Band encourages children of all ages to exercise. Honestly, they make it so fun and easy to get the wiggles out that I would highly recommend it to every family.

To learn more about Handee Band, check out our full review here.

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11 thoughts on “Win a Handee Band Family Pack {Valued at $49.95}!”

  1. I love that the Handy band is a fun way to get kids to exercise. I love the fun and colorful book that goes with it as well.

  2. I like the Handee Band because it is interactive, colorful & self motivating
    Allowing kids to keep tract of their own progress helps them to feel accomplished & gives them the desire to complete tasks.
    I also love the color palette, so much fun!.

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