Win Free Starbucks Coffee!

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We had such a great turnout for our last coffee giveaway that we wanted to give away another Starbucks coffee gift card!

This is a short one though – just 24 hours to enter!

To enter the coffee giveaway, enter your email address below to get started!

UPDATE: The givewaway has ended! A huge thank you to everyone who entered! The winner is: Judith M.! Judith, please email us with your best email address within 24 hours so we can send you your prize. 🙂

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77 thoughts on “Win Free Starbucks Coffee!”

  1. I’m a hot tea drinker… although I will brew hot herb tea and ice it down during the hot months.

  2. I’m usually a coffee drinker, but I love tea as well!

    I tried to share the giveaway on Pinterest using the entry form, but I kept getting an error message. I used the page’s Pinterest share button instead. I hope that’s okay!

  3. Melissa Litzenberg

    I am a tea drinker and I usually have one cup a day, two if we are having poetry tea time.

  4. One cup of coffee in the morning. A Starbucks is an occasional treat. Otherwise just water or tea the rest of the day.

  5. Deena Hargett

    I drink coffee pretty much every day. Many times i drink it 2-3 times a day. I drink iced tea any time we go anywhere to eat as long as it’s fresh brewed?

  6. Coffee is pretty much a daily drink. “Fancy” coffee – anything from a coffee shop that has more than just the fresh, cold cream and cocoa butter I like blend in at home – is more rare since the nearest yummy coffee shop is 45min away.

  7. Judith Martinez

    I do not drink coffee unless it’s green coffee in a starbucks refresher. I drink a cup of tea nearly every morning with my breakfast.

  8. I’m more of a tea drinker but I will drink coffee too. It’s a bit harder on my stomach and nerves though.

  9. I drink tea almost every day of the week, sometimes a few times a day. I get a little crazy with the coffee and sometimes drink it a few times a week and I regret it.lol.

  10. MaChar Kingstrom

    Love to drink coffee and tea! About 2-3 cups a day!
    I especially LOVE Starbucks! Dubbed “Charbucks” at our house for me.

  11. I drink coffee twice a day! First thing in the morning, then when I sit down to work at my computer in the afternoon.

  12. I am usually all about coffee, but I’m actually interested in learning more about hot teas! Loving a cinnamon tea I have right now. I am in the South, so of course we drink iced tea 🙂

  13. I love coffee!
    I drink it all day, everyday.
    We do not have a “fancy” coffee shop near us, ( 45mins-hour away), so when I do get to stop & enjoy a cup, I REALLY savor & relish the opportunity.
    The coffee I make at home is pretty awesome, so I am good to go.
    No coffee-snob here for sure! Haha!
    I do also like tea, more so in the evening. I grow my own herbs/flowers. Makes for a very soothing/aromatic cup.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  14. Jennifer Brazytis

    I’m not much of either coffee or tea, but I do enjoy mocha! 🙂 I have a mocha-flavored shake most mornings for breakfast, and love Starbucks frappucinos for treats once in a while!

  15. Neither coffee nor tea, but starbucks has some coffee free drinks that I (as well as my kids) enjoy on occasion!

  16. I drink coffee every morning that I’m not running late. Then sometimes in the afternoon with a treat. I occasionally treat my self to Starbucks when I am out shopping. The nearest Starbucks to me is a 30 minute drive. I grow my own mint and that makes amazing tea for those weekend afternoons when I have extra time. Thank you for the opportunity!

  17. Generally drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day. Tea–sometimes once a day, sometimes 4-5 times in a day. Now that it’s summer, I will drink less tea I’m sure. 🙂

  18. I drink iced tea a few times a week and hot tea about once a day! I am actually drinking a starbucks iced tea right now, you caught me!!

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