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COUPON CODE + Waldorf Subscription Box (Happy Hedgehog Post) Will Knock Your Socks Off! Review Inside!

Waldorf Subscription Box: Happy Hedgehog Post Review

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Happy Hedgehog Post Review

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I recently discovered a subscription box for families that is so neat!

The box is Waldorf-inspired and is perfect for families looking to create wonderful memories with each other.

Each quarter, you will receive a seasonal-themed Happy Hedgehog Post box delivered right to your door and it is absolutely loaded with high-quality, beautiful treasures.

I received the summer seasonal box to review and it contained a wonderful collection of nature-based and inspired crafts to make magical summer memories with my children.

A sneak peek inside Happy Hedgehog Post's Waldorf subscription box.

The Waldorf summer box includes:

  • A Mandala Hand Embroidery Kit – made on Essex Cotton Linen fabric and with DMC Floss in Summer shades of yellow and orange.
  • A Wet Felted Beach Play Mat Kit – made with luscious wool in blues and tans, a silk/wool blend in ocean, white silk, wool nepps and core wool.
  • A Dye Your Own Play Silk Kit – made with a silk square scarf, pressed leaves, and solar dye.
  • A Summer Postcard to Decorate Your Nature Table
  • Special gifts –  Olive Oil Soap (a favorite of wet felters) and a bag of Ocean Treasures (perfect pairing to your ocean playmat)
  • A Seasonal Guide with recipes, stories, poems, book lists, and more.
  • Membership to their private Facebook group where you will find video tutorials, craft challenges, and more
A summer seasonal guide included with the Happy Hedgehog Post Waldorf subscription box.

The girls and I dove right in and have been having so much fun! We made the wet felted beach play mat a few days and the very next day we dyed our own play silk. Yesterday, we started on the embroidery project. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

The Happy Hedgehog Post's Waldorf subscription box included high quality wool felt
Lots of high quality materials inside this Waldorf subscription box, including embroidery thread, wool, soap, shells, and more

Play Mat

I’ve seen so many amazing felt play mats (like this one, for example, that I found on Etsy) and had been wanting to purchase one but they are so expensive! So, when I opened the summer Happy Hedgebox box, imagine my excitement to find everything I needed to make my very own! The tutorial was very easy – easy enough to do with Miss 1 and just-turned-3 at my feet, wanting to help. 🙂

Miss 6 and 8 also enjoyed helping me arrange the wool, spraying the water, and soaping up the felt.

Everything you need to make your own wool felt play mat.

I actually have a large amount of wool in my closet, as I have been wanting to make some wool crafts but I wasn’t sure where to start, so there it sits lol. That’s what I love about this subscription box – everything I needed was included, as well as easy-to-follow instructions.

Using the included soap to suds up the wool play mat. It's almost finished now!

After we finished our felt play mat, the Calico Critters (or bunny house critters, as my girls call it) thoroughly enjoyed it.

Calico Critters playing on the DIY beach wool play mat we made from the Waldorf subscription box.
Playing with figurines on the Waldorf subscription box play mat we made from wool felt. It was so easy.

The girls and I are so excited to make more wet-felted play mats – they’ve been working on sketching out designs. 🙂

Play Silk

Next on the agenda was painting our own silk. The girls loved this activity and the leaf prints on it made it even more exciting!

Again, this was simple enough to do with my little helpers and I loved that it was another project that could actually be used after we had completed it.

Dying a playsilk from the Happy Hedgehog Post Waldorf subscription box.
Dying a playsilk with a sun leaf print from the Happy Hedgehog Post Waldorf subscription box.

Beautiful, right? We love play silks!

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Featured Image

Hand Embroidery

I sketched the pattern on the fabric and have just started stitching it. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Working on a mandala embroidery pattern from the Waldorf subscription summer box.

The girls loved all the sea treasures too!

Playing with the sea treasures found inside the summer subscription box.
Displaying ocean treasures from Happy Hedgehog post.

If this Waldorf-inspired seasonal subscription box seems just as magical to you as it does to me, trust me, and order your box before the cutoff (July 7).

Also, Happy Hedgehog Post has graciously offered me a discount to pass along to you for $5 off your box. Use coupon code DANA at checkout to save.

I also wanted to point out that before you see the price of the box, remember that it is only a seasonal box – this is not a monthly payment. You will receive 4 boxes a year, so when you look at it that way, the price seems very doable.

Also, because it is a quarterly box, instead of a monthly box, you won’t feel rushed to get through it quickly, or worry about filling your home with too many things.

Everything we made from the Happy Hedgehog Post montessori box. Such a great value.

Click here to purchase your Happy Hedgehog Post box

Use coupon code DANA to save $5 at checkout!

Happy Hedgehog Post summer subscription box review.
Happy Hedgehog Post summer subscription box review.
Happy Hedgehog Post summer subscription box review.

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Friday 21st of June 2019

My favorite part is that it has real art projects and not a bunch of cheap kids crafts that add to the land fill. I also love the felting kit.


Thursday 20th of June 2019

Wow! What a fun kit. Looking at the kit, I was wondering how all of the items come together to craft anything. So thank ya for showing use, and how to use it. I like the play mat, what a wonderful ideas, I can see my kids using it for hours


Wednesday 19th of June 2019

Dye your own play silk kit

Sara L

Tuesday 18th of June 2019

The felt play mat looks really fun to do! And I love the narwhal bag. :)


Tuesday 18th of June 2019

The beach play mat looked like a lot of fun and I started thinking how it could be incorporated in a crazy quit, which would also use the embroidery.