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Top Picks: Books for Children That Talk About Homeschooling

Books for Children That Talk About Homeschooling

Are you a homeschooling family looking for some books that talk about homeschooling? Or thinking about homeschooling? Or maybe you know someone who homeschools. Whatever the case may be, we searched high and low for the best books for children that talk about homeschooling and are sharing them all with you!

We even included a few books for the parents of homeschoolers!

Discover our top picks below!

homeschool books for kids fiction

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Charlie Goes to School (Charlie the Ranch Dog) – Ree Drummond, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Pioneer Woman Cooks series of books, and her lovable hound Charlie create their own fun kind of classroom in Charlie Goes to School. With expressive illustrations by Diane deGroat, a delicious recipe from Ree Drummond, and the hilarious antics of Charlie, this hardcover picture book makes an excellent gift.

Mama, Why Am I Homeschooled? – By choosing to homeschool, your family gains the freedom to learn while snuggled up in a porch swing.  Science lessons can take place in the garden.  Math facts can be mastered in a grocery aisle.  Written in patterned poetic prose, this book showcases a few of the delights that come with the decision to homeschool. 

This Is My Home, This Is My School – Drawing from his own childhood experiences, Jonathan Bean takes the autobiographically inspired family he introduced in Building Our House through the special rhythms and routines of a homeschooling day. For young Jonathan and his sisters, Mom is the teacher and a whole lot more, and Dad is the best substitute any kid could want. From math, science, and field trips to recess, show-and-tell, and art, a school day with this intrepid, inventive family will seem both completely familiar and totally unique. 

The Tuttle Twins and the Education Vacation Ethan and Emily Tuttle have spent several years in school being graded on the quality of their work. But after hearing an award-winning teacher discuss some problems with schooling and share a vision for how children are best educated, the Tuttle family decides to embark on a new learning adventure. Long-time educator John Taylor Gatto shares ideas with the Tuttle family from his book The Underground History of American Education. As they soon learn, education works best when we have the freedom to discover our interests and develop our abilities, rather than being shaped into what somebody else wants.

I Am Learning All the Time is a heartwarming story and delightfully illustrated picture book a treat for homeschooling families and their friends. 

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Greetings from Somewhere – Join Ethan and Ella as they travel all around the world embarking on a journey filled with mystery, travel, and adventure.

Wright on Time – With many individual books as well as collections to choose from, join the Wright family’s journey through the United States.

And a few books for the parents of homeschoolers …

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What is your favorite homeschooling book for children? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Also, while we’re on the subject of books – what is your all-time favorite book for children? Leave a comment below – we’d love to know!

homeschool books for kids fiction

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