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TEFOS: The Executive Function Online Summit 2020

For Compassionate and Proactive Parents

Sign up today for a FREE heart-centered 3-day journey with 24 experts who understand.

This free online summit was made just for you! Learn from the experts how to help your child navigate school and life through better executive function.

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What is executive function?

Executive function refers to our brain’s ability to get stuff done (i.e. homework, writing a paper, cleaning a room, etc.) In other words, to “execute” complex tasks through to completion.

If your child struggles with getting important things done, focus, organization, time management, grades, homework, starting & completing tasks, remembering details, or emotional regulation, they probably struggle with executive functioning.

Join this free 3-day summit to learn how to better support your child, from heart-centered experts and thought leaders.

Is it really free? Yes, attending the entire summit is 100% free Friday, Aug 21, 22, 23. After you sign up here, you can forget about it and know that you will be emailed with all the details & free access. And yes, if you want to purchase and own it with bonuses, you can do that too.


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