Tantrums vs. Sensory Meltdowns: Free Cheatsheet

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Sensory Meltdowns vs. Tantrums

Some of you may already be familiar with sensory meltdowns or you may be wondering if what you thought was your child having epic tantrums may actually be an indication of something more.

If you’ve ever experienced your child having a sensory meltdown, then you know that part of the frustration that goes along with that is having to try to explain to others that meltdowns are not your child’s misbehavior or an attention seeking ploy.  

I’m excited to be able to share something with you today that I think is going to be a big help.

My friends Sharla and Heather (they’re the gals behind the book Sensory Processing Explained and the upcoming course Overcoming Sensory Meltdowns) have come out with a free cheatsheet that not only explains the difference between tantrums and sensory meltdowns, it can also be used to bridge conversations. 

Use this cheatsheet for your own reference, or print it off for teachers, friends, and family members who may not understand your child’s reactions. 

Help them to have more understanding not only for you as a parent, but for your child as well. Understanding is truly the first step towards opening up dialogue that can lead to lasting change. 


I can’t wait to share more about the new course, Overcoming Sensory Meltdowns next week! Stay tuned for all the details. 

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