Stop Unwanted Behavior in its Tracks {FREE WORKSHOP}

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Go From Totally Lost to Calm + in Control. {FREE WORKSHOP}

If you’ve ever found yourself tired of all the backtalk, constant nagging, or even worse EPIC meltdowns that seem to never end… 

I’ve got exciting news!

My good friend is opening up her FREE online training: The Calm the Chaos Workshop.

Hands down, this is the best FREE training that teaches you a simple but powerful way to stop your child’s unwanted behavior before it starts.

It won’t be available long. Click here to join.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a child who:

  • Has violent meltdowns 5-10X a day…
  • Screams “NO!” anytime you open your mouth…
  • Won’t sit still or follow directions…

Or a million other difficult behaviors including: refusing to put toys away, unable to transition from one activity to the next, or fighting over the tiniest things every morning before school…

You’re going to see how to go from lost and overwhelmed to calm and in control. And get your child to finally do what you want without bribes, punishments, or nagging.

You’ll be able to apply the lessons you learn from this training immediately. For example, you’ll discover:

  • Why none of the books, blogs, or tools you’ve turned to for help with your child’s behavior has worked — and a new way to get control of your child’s behavior while helping them feel loved and valued (this is backed by over 50 years of research)
  • The Iceberg Theory to uncover the true cause of your child’s behavior (so it no longer baffles you — and you know how to stop it before it starts)
  • How to use “Operation Carly Simon” to stay calm and cool the next time your child has a freakout or doesn’t listen
  • Exactly what to do and say to help your child calm down fast the next time they fly off the handle
  • The secret to getting your child to use the tools you give them and handle their problems and frustrations on their own — without screaming or hitting. 

This free training will give you the clarity and confidence to tackle even the most challenging behaviors — no matter what struggles your kid has.

Don’t wait, click here to join the free training!

It starts on Thursday, September 5th. 

Dayna covers A LOT in these four videos. But you’ll only have ten days to go through them. 

After that, she has to take them all down.

I don’t want you to fall behind or miss out.

Click here now to join the free Calm the Chaos workshop. She’ll email you each new training the MINUTE it becomes available.

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