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PRINTABLE: Waldorf Multiplication Flowers in Beautiful Watercolors

The Art Kit’s Waldorf-Inspired Multiplication Flowers are a unique and fun way for children to practice their multiplication math facts. We designed these with beautiful watercolors but we also offer them as black and white worksheets as well.

Please continue reading below to learn more about these beautiful Waldorf multiplication flowers and how your child can benefit from them.


A bundle of Watercolor Waldorf Multiplication Flower Math Wheels (10 pages total):

Watercolor flower multiplication wheels (about 3.5″ per wheel) (number facts 0 – 12) with a space to write answers.

Watercolor flower multiplication wheels (about 3.5″ per wheel) (number facts 0 – 12) with the answers included.

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– Invite your child to complete the multiplication facts.

– Laminate and cut the flowers out and display them to reinforce math principles.

– Add them to a ring and use as flashcards or use them with wet-erase markers to write the answers in to practice multiplication facts.

– They’re also fun to attach to a zipper pull on a backpack or purse.

We also offer these in black and white and in a larger size. See our shop or send us a message for more details.

Download this beautiful set of Waldorf-inspired multiplication flowers here.