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Math on the Farm Printable Bundle

Math on the Farm Printable Bundle

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Math on the Farm Printable Bundle

Math on the Farm was created to make learning about math fun! Miss 3 and Miss 6 had a blast with these printables and were so excited to work on everything.

This bundle will provide hours of education and fun for your child, with very little preparation needed from you!

Math on the Farm will encourage your child to learn about math in a fun way! The Art Kit’s bundle includes farm themed math story cards, even and odd egg sorting, less than/more than chicks, and sorting farm animals by size, your child will love working on these important concepts with you!

What’s Included in the Math on the Farm Bundle?

  • Egg Sorting by Even and Odd
  • Greater Than/Less Than Chicks
  • Math Story Cards
  • Egg Roll and Count Game
  • Farm Animals Sort by Size
  • Writing Numbers 0-20

You’ll Also Love These Farm Themed Activities

If you have a preschooler or grade school student, you must check out The Peaceful Press’s curriculum. They just released a new farm guide that I am so excited to try! The connection you gain with your children while working through the curriculum is undeniable. We haven’t posted a review of the preschool curriculum yet but will soon. In the meantime, please take a look at their other curriculum options below.

See our review of the curriculum here:

Get Math on the Farm Now

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